Waterproof Amore Review

Evolved Waterproof Amore

This was my first time testing an item created by Evolved Novelties, a newer company with what appears to be a very promising product line. The Waterproof Amore belongs to the “True Love Edition”, a series of well priced waterproof vibrators that are made of incredibly flexible TPR material.

Description and Materials

Standing at almost 8 inches tall, this light blue lovely caught me off guard. The packaging spoke of body-friendly phthalates-free thermoplastic rubber (TPR), but this was as jellylike as jelly could be. The texture was surprisingly smooth and the battery cap had a smooth silicone-like feeling. I figured the only way to know for sure was to give it a go a few times. To my total delight, the material was non-irritating and caused no issues even a week down the road. Yippee for me – I could go all out on this flexi bad boy and not give it a second thought.


I absolutely love the packaging! It's both functional and aesthetically pleasing (its cool metal look reminded me a lot of those blue Swedish cookie tins). It's an excellent storage container for any toy and can even be re-used for storing other items. The inventive clasp system that opens and closes the box is simple and clever; the foam inside props up the toy so that it peeks out through the clear lid.


Because the Amore is one of the most flexible vibrators I have ever used, it made for a rocking good time in the tub. It allowed for a number of excellent 'wet' encounters that a shower head just couldn't provide: the toy can be rubbed against the clitoris, across the opening of the vagina or even rubbed all the way across the vulva; the curves of the shaft are gentle enough that you can also enjoy a very vigorous rubdown. Moreover, the curved tip at the end of the shaft contains the bullet, so it can provide deep stimulation to the G-Spot.

Evolved Waterproof Amore

My ultimate favourite thing that can be achieved with the Amore is that you can penetrate the vagina shallowly and bend the shaft back far enough to rub against the clitoris. This can be done from the front but you can feel it more deeply against your g-spot if you insert it from behind!

Vibe Functionality

This Amore's insertable length delights with only one larger sized bullet located at its very tip. Although the vibration does transfer down through the rest of the shaft when it's fully inserted, there wasn't a lot of intensity felt on the clitoris. In my opinion, the Amore could do with another bullet, preferably a mini-one, located lower along the shaft to tease the pleasure button with a little more fervour.

The built-in control pad features multiple speeds and its easy push button control regulates the 3 speeds.

Powered by two AA batteries, the strength of vibe proved satisfactory but I felt that it should have had the capacity to be more powerful. It lost its drive once it was inserted, but even more so when I contracted my pubococcygeus muscles tightly on it. I was somewhat disappointed at this but then again, it made me penetrate myself all the more harder! Compared all of the other vibrators I've tried, the Amore was definitely not the worst offender at this!

Waterproof vibrators make for bath-time fun; the Waterproof Amore is bath and shower friendly so you can get dirty and clean at the same time. It seals very well: I found no water leakage into the battery compartment even after a few extended sessions in the shower. Although my shower head is still one of my best friends, the Amore was definitely tough competition.


Evolved Waterproof Amore

The Amore was a lot quieter than I had anticipated and was almost indistinguishable once the shower got turned on. Nevertheless, I wouldn't call it a quiet vibrator. Its buzzing is discernable, even from another room; the bullet rattles against the sheathing if you wiggle it back and forth as well as when you smack it against you skin.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that I had mixed feelings about the Amore, I have to admit that it gave me one of the most exhilarating shower experiences, ever! I didn't appreciate the noise nor the lack of power, but I loooved its long smooth ridges. I also totally dug how bendy it was. And let's not forget its excellent packaging; its presentation was great and I'd definitely recommend this as a reasonably priced, non-toxic, jelly-like alternative to jelly!

I rate the Waterproof Amore 8/10.

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