Fleshlight Review

The Fleshlight consists primarily of a sleeve that fits into a flashlight-shaped shell. The outer dimensions measure at 10" long x 3.5" across, while the shell has three parts: the main body, an air release valve / cleaning access cap at the back, and a lid on the main opening to safeguard the Real Feel Super Skin sleeve when not in use.

About Fleshlight

The Fleshlight is available in 4 orifice types and 6 internal textures. Orifice types include the Mouth, the Lady (shaped like a vagina), the Butt and the non-descript (which looks a lot like a coin slot). The smooth sleeves come in Original, Super-Tight and Ultra-Tight (featuring smooth interiors), while the textured sleeves are Super Ribbed (features a high frequency series of ribbing), Speed Bump (features a series of small knobs), and the Wonder Wave (features a cross between the original and super ribbed).

To make sure we got the full experience, Fleshlight sent both the Super Ribbed and the Wonder Wave sleeves. Customers will occasionally receive the product with a white plastic tube inside the sleeve. Remove this tube before use to avoid bodily harm. This warning is provided on the instructions for use and care.

The order and shipping process was fast; we received our order within several days of placement. The product arrived quickly and safely in a discreet, unlabeled cardboard box, packed in styrofoam peanuts. The shipper was listed as ILF Inc., and no reference was made anywhere on the outside of the package to suggest anything about its contents. Very nice and discreet.

The packaging inside the box was minimal, which we liked for two reasons: firstly, it contributes less to pollution; and secondly, less packaging should lower the cost. The Reel Feel Super Skin inserts were powdered and contained in a sealed plastic bag. Although the powder protects the toy from humidity, it did take a few minutes to carefully clean it all off... The main advantage to this is that it ensures customers thoroughly clean the product before use - a good policy whenever you buy any penetration product!

Clean and ready to go, the product was ready to lube up. We suggest you always use a good quality lube when using penetration products, as ‘dry humping’ most toys in this product class isn’t a good idea (unless you are fond of abrasions, which most are not).

The Experience

I lubed up with some water-based lubricant and plunged into the Wonder Wave... The first impression of the Reel Feel Super Skin was that it felt absolutely incredible... Its lifelike density and softness had my toes curling almost from the first stoke, and I quickly found myself slowing down the tempo to keep from ending the festivities prematurely. Once I reached my fill of prolonging, reaching orgasm was a snap... well, more of a squirt, and not having to worry about catching my semen with a tissue was a definite bonus.

Needing a bit of a break, I took some time to clean out the Wonder Wave while I built up the stamina for the Speed Bump. The cleaning process was relatively easy and straightforward. The outer shell rinsed clean with no fuss, and the sleeve rinsed clean pretty quickly when folded inside out. Note: make sure not to use soap on the Reel Feel Super Skin as the material is very sensitive to many chemical compounds that can break it down. To get the most life out of your Fleshlight, the advice is to occasionally give it a deeper cleaning using isopropanol alcohol.

The Speed Bump model was amazing. While the feel of the Real Feel Super Skin was basically the same as the Wonder Wave, the Speed Bump texture was definitely different - and in a good way. The more staggered bumps gave me a whole new sensation, a little rougher, but definitely very pleasing. And when I slowed it down this time, I really got the feeling of every bump as it passed over me. This model was excellent when slowed down, and yet again, the relatively easy clean up made the whole experience first-rate.

The Speed Bump did take a little more effort to clean up. It wasn’t hard at all, but the bumps themselves made it necessary to rinse it a couple of extra times to get the same level of cleaning as with the Wonder Wave.

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Final Thoughts

I liked nearly everything about the Fleshlight, from the way the company does business to the experience with the products. They set a standard that more companies ought to follow. We rate the Fleshlight product line at an impressive 9.5/10.

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