Lelo Tor II Review

Lelo Tor II

Touted as the “The Revolutionary Couples' Ring with Six Powerful Modes of Stimulation,” the waterproof Tor II is the cutting edge in cock ring technology and sex toy quality. Boasting a firm fit, a powerful and rechargeable built in battery and vibrator, plus a classy minimalistic aesthetic, Lelo designers have outdone themselves again.

Description and Materials

Lelo Tor II

The waterproof Tor II is constructed from with FDA-approved and phthalate free silicone, a non-porous, body safe material that is assuredly safe and very hygienic. Weighing in at a minuscule 30 grams and measuring 60 x 42 x 22 mm, this pleasure object is not only extremely lightweight, it is diminutive and incredibly discreet.

Its lithium ion 3.7 V battery is rechargeable, and at its maximum power setting the noise level is practically inaudible. The minimal charging time of two hours translates to 1.5 hours of play, plus up to ninety days of standby power retention.

The Tor II comes in your choice of green, purple or black.

How it Works

The basic idea behind any {cock ring} is that it's worn on the penis in order to maintain a strong and engorged erection. The high powered vibrator encased within this toy can be turned on to enhance sensations for the lucky recipient, and the fully-waterproof design and six modes of stimulation deliver a variety of sensations for play in and out of the bedroom.

The interface is ultra-streamlined, making it easy to cycle through the well-choreographed pulsations that are very characteristic of the Lelo brand.

Pleasure Factor

The Tor II looks good and is excellently crafted, but the burning question is how well does it actually work? The powerful built-in vibe is much stronger than earlier versions of Lelo products, boding well for those who prefer a broader array of intensity - and since the Tor II is made of high quality materials, users can feel confident wearing it in any situation calling for pleasure. Try using it as a couple's ring ... or an add-on to your favorite dildo ... or simply wear it on your finger for on the spot stimulation.

Lelo Tor II

Packaging & Storage

As always with any Lelo product, the packaging is ultra-discreet and very contemporary. The TOR II comes in an elegant black gift box with satin drawstring pouch for storage. For rechargeable products such as this one, it includes: a charger; a detailed, multi-language user manual; and a full one-year warranty. The easy to use interface also includes a fully lockable function to ensure not only discreet transportation, but efficient storage.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Following the care instructions for any product made of silicone will ensure maximum hygiene and extend its product life. Once the toy has been washed and fully dried, you can lock the toy off and stow it away in the satchel included. And even if you forget to charge it, it only takes a couple of hours plugged in to give you somewhere around ninety minutes - and holds its charge for a whopping three months!


The Tor II made a number of improvements over the original version ... it's one hundred percent more powerful, rattle-free, made of a far more superior material, and comes in one solid piece rather than having movable parts. The cock ring is designed to fit all sizes, but it stretches with some difficulty - a good thing if you prefer a firm and sturdy fit, but a drawback if elasticity is a priority.

Where they're pushing the ‘gentleman's ring' imagery in their advertising, it seems more appropriate - and far more appealing in our opinion - that they serve up the sexy & sophisticated imagery showing couples having a grand ol' time with it.

Even though one could use the cock ring for solo self-stimulation, which by the way is an utterly fantastic feature, it's ultimately the pleasure it could bring a twosome that creates the mystique.

Long Term Appeal

Always a reassuring feature when considering the toy's long term prospects, the manufacturing quality is guaranteed by a one year Lelo Warranty. Furthermore, the expert quality and construction is enough to persuade any user of its performance in the long term.


Lelo Tor II

The Tor II is the cream of the crop when it comes to cock rings. It delivers a pleasurable, yet surprisingly powerful, buzz and its shape provides a sturdy enough base to ride it with abandon. Plus, the rechargeable lithium ion battery makes hunting down - and paying for - the right sized batteries a thing of the past.

Final Thoughts

How much will you love your Lelo? Let us count the ways: smooth, body safe materials; near-silent vibes that deliver more stimulation for both partners than ever before; and a fully waterproof design creating even more possibilities for play and proper maintenance.

We rate it an excellent 8.5/10.

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