Onye Vibrator Review

Every once in a while I receive a larger shipment of toys to test; before trying them out, I like to get my girlfriends to have a look at them and tell me what they think. From opening the box to turning it on, this little vibrator produced the greatest impression. Out a group of sixteen toys, my four girlfriends and I were most intrigued by the Onye. Now all there was left to do was try it...

Description and Materials

The Onye, made by Big Tease Toys, is a very simple discreet looking vibrator. It has neither phallic nor animal representations on it. It comes with metal accents and your choice of 2 colors: pearl white with a pink grip, or black with a black grip. Its dimensions are 4.5 inches long and almost 4 inches in circumference. It is very light, even with all of the batteries in it, yet maintains a suitable weight to be used comfortably for play.

It is splash proof, which means that it can be taken into the shower; just don't fully submerge. The combination of a plastic body with a non-slip silicone grip is both phthalates and latex free. Not only that, its surface really does glide smoothly along the body.

How It Works

When we first powered up the Onye to try out its vibes, we all had 'wow' written all over our faces. Aside from the packaging, the strength and variety of vibes really sets this one apart. I wish I knew more about the mechanism behind its construction because there was something about the way that it vibrated that made it so good; it felt powerful yet exact, and despite everything it didn't numb my hand.

The Onye is powered by 3 AAA batteries, which can be accessed easily by twisting the toy at its opening, right below the silicone ring. I was pleased that the toy utilized the power of those little batteries so well because it delivered more intensity than I expected. The single control button is made of silicone and somewhat recessed; this allows for good grip in the shower and easy locating during play.

The majority of the vibe is centralized closest to the tip of the toy. As often happens with single button controls, you do have to go through the series of patterns if you do skip past the one that you want. This does get a bit annoying if you like to vibe surf, which I do; then again, it didn't bother me very much because the vibe patterns all feel quite good.

There are three combinations of types of vibe: steady, pulsating and escalating. The first three are continuous, with each one progressively stronger; the fourth escalates in both speed and intensity; the fifth is a strong pulse; the sixth sounds like a fast heartbeat (my favorite); the seventh is a fast combo of four quick pulses and a longer fifth; and the eighth and final one is a very fast strong pulse.


The packaging was phenomenal; it came in a tasteful cardboard box which opens to reveal a gorgeous, well-tailored box. The Onye is suspended in the billowy folds of colored satin, sewn exclusively to nestle this toy.

I think that for women, presentation is a sign of good quality. The impression that you get is going to be different when you compare something like the Onye to packaging that's got a crackly plastic sleeve with porn stars and penises on it. Knowing that more women are buying sex toys for themselves, the manufacturers and designers of the Onye got it right.

Storage is made easy with the handy box that was included in the purchase. Its petite and seals closed well.


The Onye is loudest when it oscillates at its fastest rate. The settings that are milder won't bother you too much, but overall it's a tad noisy, albeit a higher-end type of noisy. I think that this product has a much better quality of perceptible sound than many other vibrators because it doesn't rattle the body or clack; rather, it's a small unit that's very powerful, so there's only so much you can do to diminish the sound.

Pleasure Factor/Critique

I really, really enjoyed playing with my pearl and pink Onye. It's was a great item to use in combination with other toys, and its simplicity and strength made me want to use it many times over. I l-o-v-e-d the vibe settings; they were really impressive because of their precision.

I thought that I wouldn't have as much fun with a vibrator shaped like the Onye, but I was in fact mistaken. The shape was actually quite comfortable to hold in my hand and was really easy to manipulate during play; finding the control button and changing the settings was fine. No issues with leakage in the shower either.

The beauty of the Onye is that it's smooth and rounded, so you can immerse it in your vagina, lay it on its side across your clitoris, or place the nose of the vibrator directly on your hot button. My major favorite goes something like this; when you're not too wet yet, press the nose of the Onye right over your clitoris, turn it on and engage it in a twisting motion. This movement will mimic a side-to-side stimulation, which women respond incredibly to.

The only thing they could have improved the product upon was an automatic off feature. Although the Onye isn't my all-time favorite toy, I have very little to criticize!


Because the product is entirely splash-proof, it makes it all the more easy to clean. You can use an adult toy cleaner to sterilize it; alternatively, wash it thoroughly with non-irritating soap and warm water.

Long Term Appeal

The Onye seems to be very well constructed and sturdy. It has many of the essential features that keep a toy appealing for long term use: simple design, variety of speed/vibe settings and an ergonomic shape.

Final Thoughts

The Onye is elegantly presented, with an appealing design; it simply works great. This toy would make an absolutely fantastic gift for anyone. I rate it 9/10.

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