Platinum Jack Rabbit Review

Platinum Jack Rabbit

California Exotic Novelties introduces the Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit, a multi-speed multi-setting vibrator that gives you a powerful arsenal to work with. This is without a doubt, the 'blingiest' looking sex toy I have ever owned.

Description and Materials

The Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit features a dynamic silver finish. The shaft sits on a shiny chrome colored base and is made of a clear jelly-like material that's been bedazzled with silver glitter. Its constructed from TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), and is usually a combination of plastic and rubber; this material is said to be phthalates free, but I didn't see any mention of that on the box nor on the manufacturer's website.

You can look through the material to see the inner workings of the device such as the bullet in the bunny and the beads in the shaft. Normally, I find transparency tacky but you know what, it actually works to this rabbit's favour! The colors inside the bunny match with the outside, making this a cohesive design and I also spied a gold version of this product while I was perusing the net.

The Jack Rabbit measures 10 inches in length and its insertable length is almost 5.5 inches; it also has a decent amount of girth. The product is waterproof, the rubber o-ring that's located inside the cap doesn't look like much but it did pass my bath test and sealed well against liquid.

How it works

The Jack Rabbit is powerful and means business. It's equipped with 7 'bunny' clitoris functions and 6 speeds of shaft rotation. For the vibrating bunny, the first 3 settings are steady vibes, with each one getting progressively stronger. The 4th setting steadily escalates in strength and speed, climaxes and starts all over again, while the 5th is a constant pulsation and the 6th is a faster version but a bit milder. The 7th setting consists of 3 short pulses with a 4th buzzing a bit longer than the rest; its intensity is the same as the 6th setting.

By controlling the 'volume' of the shaft, the rotating beads spin increasingly quicker. You'll notice that the upper shaft swivels; this enhances the stimulus deeper in the vagina. When you're finished with your play, you can shut the entire unit off with the automatic off button.

You twist off the cap located at the base of the shaft and slide out the easy load battery pack that takes 4 AA batteries. I'm quite a fan of this style of battery pack because you can slide out the entire unit and easily store the batteries outside of the vibrator's body, which protects against the unit accidentally turning on, or even worse, the batteries getting damp (and rusting) inside of the device.

Platinum Jack Rabbit


The Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit comes in a basic see-through plastic box with a plastic mold inside to exhibit the toy. It only displays images of the product and includes some information about the product, care and use. It doesn't come with a storage box or bag, nor does it include batteries.


I was a little disappointed with the noise level of this toy. The bunny that stimulates the clitoris was fairly audible, but not hopeless; on the other hand, the rotating beads were much worse. On the lowest rotation speeds, you'll hear a squeaking sound, which disappears as you step up the intensity. On a positive note, there wasn't any rattle coming from the batteries inside the toy.


You can clean this toy as you would clean jelly. Using a mild soap and warm water, the great thing about cleaning the Jack Rabbit is that it's fully submersible. For lubrication, use a water-based version with this product for maximum pleasure.


As far as insertable Rabbit vibrators go, this one is great. It has the capability to go from gentle stimulation to vigorous vibration. The rotating shaft was definitely sturdy and could withstand quite of a bit of resistance before slowing the spin down. The construction of the bead chamber, which fixed beads vertically in rows, is definitely superior to lesser adaptations of rabbit vibrators, which usually utilize loose beads in an enclosed chamber.

If you don't feel like being penetrated, you can just use the rabbit to stimulate yourself; or, my personal favorite, get some lube and rest the rotating bead chamber against your clitoris and crank it – it's a delicious sensation.

I observed only a couple of negative traits. One was the noise factor, as mentioned, and one other is the battery. I noticed that the output of the Platinum Jack Rabbit is susceptible to weaker batteries; I had to swap out my semi-used batteries in favor of newer ones mid-way through play. The last issue had to do with its smell. It had a very powerful smell, similar to that of jelly. It did not go away very easily either – I was up to my 5th use, which means 10th cleaning and, unfortunately, it had hardly reduced the odor.

Long Term Appeal

Platinum Jack Rabbit

I'm a bit divided about how I feel about this item. On the one hand, if you enjoy jelly-like vibrating insertables, then the Platinum Edition Jack Rabbit is an excellent candidate in this category. The advantage of this one over similar styles is that its waterproof, better constructed, has higher powered settings and is phthalates free.

The downside, however, is that you could easily get tired of the look of this vibrator – it'll also pick up lint if you don't store it well. Moreover, the material might continue to harbor its unpleasant odor and grow steadily less appealing.


The price range of this item is quite reasonable. It also offers some excellent features that position it above its competitors. I do see some long term use coming from this item because it's sturdy and has some great vibe functions.

Final Thoughts

If you want to buy an impressive Jack Rabbit, this one's a powerful, fun and flashy option. Although I generally favor silicone materials, the Platinum Collection Jack Rabbit is my first toy made of TPE. At first I was a bit sceptical about the hygiene of the material but maybe TPE is the next big thing? I rate it a 7/10.

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