Rhythm O Rabbit Review

Rhythm O Rabbit Vibrator

Belonging to California Exotics' "Safe and Pure" line of phthalates-free adult pleasurizers, the substantially sized Rhythm "O" is a multi-speed, multi-pattern rabbit vibrator that provides a very 'fulfilling' experience indeed.

Description and Materials

The waterproof Rhythm "O" comes in two styles: the pink Bounding Bunny, which is embellished in hearts and swirls; or the purple Triple Kiss, a more streamlined, understated model. The dimensions of the toy are the same for both stately renditions. The insertable shaft length is 5.75" by 1.5" (15 cm x 4 cm) and the clitoral stimulator is 3" by 1.25" (8 cm x 3 cm) long.

This rabbit vibrator is made of soft and supple TPE (thermoplastic elastomer), a slightly porous, soft material that despite being hypoallergenic cannot be fully disinfected. In order to maintain the highest level of hygiene, condoms are recommended when sharing toys between partners to prevent the spread of bacteria.

The Rhythm "O" sports California Exotics' new "Rhythm Motor" and contains 90 synchronized rotating pleasure beads that move inside the shaft's inner chamber. The controller is made of ABS plastic and contains the easy load battery pack; it requires four AAA batteries to operate. The manufacturer recommends using water-based lubricant for optimal pleasure.

How it Works

The use of the rabbit vibrator's control pad isn't immediately intuitive but, after some getting used to, it offers users exact control over rotation and vibration. In total, the Rhythm "O" has seven functions of vibration, pulsation and escalation - and three speeds of shaft rotation. The On/Off button activates the clitoral stimulator, a button labeled '7' cycles through the various patterns, while the button labeled 'Hot' switches on a surprise, random function. The rotating shaft is controlled by two separate controls: one that activates and increases the speed, and one that decreases the speed and deactivates the shaft. This beauty of the controller is that it sports LED lights and push buttons that require only the lightest touch to engage.


The sound that came out of the Rhythm "O" was so loud that it was actually comical. Let's start with the boisterous bunny. Out of the seven pleasure functions, only two of them were somewhat quiet; the rest whizzed, hummed, and buzzed quite loudly. The rotating shaft was no better; the inner mechanism whirred and creaked noisily and the pleasure beads clacked against one another. If you turn on both the shaft and clitoral stimulator to a high intensity setting, its noise can be most likened to that of a handheld vacuum. Discretion is definitely out the window with this one.

Rhythm O Rabbit Vibrator

Packaging & Storage

The toy is encased in a clear, thin plastic box that is decorated with colors that coordinate with that of the toy and includes large scale photos of the Rhythm "O" as well as care instructions on the bottom of the box. Inside is a plastic display tray that is molded to the shape of the toy. The presentation is ordinary but reasonably attractive.

Because of its tacky surface, users should absolutely store the toy in a container that prevents it from coming into contact with lint and debris. Since a storage bag wasn't included with the vibrator, use a long lint-free sock or shoe box lined with a cloth.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Because the Rhythm "O" is waterproof, cleaning is a breeze; just make sure that the cap is securely twisted on before doing so. Wash it before and after every use using a combination of warm water and antibacterial soap, pat it dry with a lint free towel and make sure that it is completely dry before stowing away. Because of the easy loader power pack, it is more convenient than ever to remove the batteries when the toy is not in use. As per the manufacturer, only use this toy with water-based lubricant.


Using the Rhythm "O" was a letdown. The shaft shape is out of date compared to today's female-friendly dildos and hardly complements a woman's inner contours. What's more, it requires full insertion of the long, straight shaft in order to nestle upon the bunny vibrator.

The packaging was a bit misleading in saying that there are "over 21 different patterns of shaft rotation and clitoral vibration". In actual fact, there are 7 different pleasure modes for the clitoral stimulator and 3 different speeds of shaft rotation; the number 21 comes from using the options in various combinations. Another feature that fell short was the promise of "unscented soft TPE" - soft yes, unscented no.

Even after leaving the toy outside of its plastic packaging in an attempt to air it out, the smell was still so pungently plastic that it was off-putting enough to make the tester use a scented condom to combat the odor. Earplugs to drown out the noise assault would also have come in handy.

On a more positive note, at least its waterproofing held up well in the shower - no moisture was released into the battery compartment even after testing the toy by submerging it underwater for one minute intervals. Another redeeming feature was the control pad, the most notable element of which was the Hot button. Yes, it's more elaborate than a comparable rabbit style vibrator, but it does facilitate very precise control for the user. Lastly, power users will be pleased by the power quotient of the clitoral vibrator. The buzzing bunny ears flicker fast and are a force to be reckoned with between the sheets.

Rhythm O Rabbit Vibrator

Long Term Appeal

This rabbit vibrator will appeal to some in the short term, but its novelty will likely wear off early. The odor will put you off after a while and its distinct shape just isn't conducive to being a go-to vibrator. Chances are it'll end up buried near the bottom of your pleasure chest.

Though its motor operates well, the price point for the Rhythm "O" is fairly high for what it's worth. Save your bucks in favor of a rabbit vibrator that is more sophisticated and ergonomically shaped.

Final Thoughts

It's loud, strong-smelling, and not shaped to please the modern woman. Unfortunately, this is one rabbit vibrator you can do without.

We rate it just 3/10.

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