Whisper Micro-Bullet Review

This tiny bullet has a good chance of becoming your 'new little friend'. Its pinpoint accuracy will astound you and the sensual warmth will make you want to melt. The question is, can you handle the intensity?

Description and Materials

The Whisper Micro-Bullet, a product from California Exotic Novelties, is a powerful bullet vibrator that's ultra miniature. Its basic composition consists of a lightweight control pack that plugs in a detachable bullet cord. The control pack and bullet are both made of a silky smooth rubber material that belongs to California Exotics' 'Safe and Pure' line.

The box advertises a whisper quiet, self-heating micro bullet. The bullet measures 1 inch long by ½ inch wide. The hour glass shaped control pack is 4.5 inches long and the widest part of its body measures 2 inches. The wire is just about 3 feet long, which gives you plenty of distance for solo or couple's play. The battery compartment can be accessed by pressing firmly where marked and sliding the flap. We liked that the lid stays connected to the body of the toy while it is unlocked.

How It Works

There are 2 continuous vibration speeds. By clicking the one button control, you turn on the unit to its lower setting. Clicking again will set it to the higher speed; one more will turn the device off. Many people will find it difficult to discern between the two speeds; however, we did notice a slight difference.

This toy takes 2 AA batteries, which were not included in the package; the manufacturer recommends that they ought to be removed when the toy is not use. The battery compartment did not mark the direction that the batteries need to point and the metal facings imply a placement that isn't necessarily intuitive. You can unplug the cord while the device is on and re-plugging it will allow the vibration to continue.


The see-thru plastic packaging is mediocre, but still tasteful. It won't wow anyone by its looks so the toy will have to stand on its operational merit alone. You wouldn't want to store it in its box on a long-term basis and unfortunately, just like the batteries, there weren't any storage bags included either. However, California Exotics Novelties generally skips these niceties and opts to transfer these cuts to buyers via a lower retail cost.


This product emits a level of sound that is less audible than say, a rabbit vibrator. Its high pitched “WEEEEEE” sound will definitely be heard by someone in the same room but it won't be nearly as irritating as other toys in a similar price range. It's a lot quieter than many of the latest vibrators that we've tested, and it won't be embarrassing to bring it out to use with a partner.

Pleasure Factor

We have a lot of good things to say about the Whisper Micro-Bullet's pleasure factor. Because the vibe is incredibly strong and tremendously targeted, we had to use it in a patient fashion. If we wanted to get any play at all, we needed to start on the outskirts of the erogenous zones and slowly work our way to the 'hot button'. Even the lower of the two settings required a gentle touch.

This gave us the opportunity to experiment on different areas of the vagina. We totally enjoyed stimulating the outer labia and could even feel the vibe against the clitoris, through the labia - a great way to successfully buffer the buzz.

Using a pinpoint vibrator along the folds of the vagina will feel freakin' amazing. This has a lot to do with the way the internal components of the clitoris are shaped. The exposed head is pea-sized but the 'legs' of the wishbone shape reside somewhere behind the labia - stimulating this area will definitely intensify arousal.

Putting it up inside the vagina against the G-spot is a favorite manoeuvre. Masturbate with the hand while doing this and pulling gently at the wire to add some extra sensation. Also focus on the area just north of the clitoral hood, where the outer lips meet at the cleft. Stimulating this spot proved to be really hot; you should feel the vibe gently penetrate the clitoris and the areas surrounding it.

Although we hit these spots all the time with other vibrators, the sensation that you get with the micro-bullet is so completely different. Its pinpoint precision and concentrated intensity penetrate much deeper, with an exactness better than any vibrator we've used. But don't worry, even if you're on the sensitive side, you can indeed use the micro-bullet directly against your clitoris; you just need a good warmup prior to direct contact - trying some of our suggestions will help.

You can also ease into clitoral play by holding the micro-bullet by the wire and lowering it until it just barely skims the head. As you get accustomed to pressing it more firmly against the clitoris, there will be moments where you might simultaneously experience a tingling sensation at the entrance to the vagina.


Wash your micro-bullet before and after each use with warm soap and water or some other adult toy cleaner. Remember to avoid immersing it in water because of it has detachable and exposed parts.


I absolutely love, love, loved the orgasms I got with this toy. On more than one occasion, I actually went for a second round - something I rarely do unless extremely compelled. The micro-bullet slowly heats itself up and I enjoyed the steady progression - the orgasms become much more intense when warm goodness is applied to my clitoris.

On the down side, I was really annoyed with the quality of the cord and how it was sealed into the tiny bullet - or more precisely, how it wasn't. I had such a mind-blowing experience when I used the bullet inside of me, but I became pissed off after noticing that after one use my handling of the wire loosened the seal. This of course prevents it from being cleaned thoroughly. Since I'm a stickler for hygiene, I've lost the desire to use it vaginally except perhaps with a condom over it. This is an added annoyance that I won't put up with.

The control pack fit comfortably in the hand while at play and the bullet was also sufficiently comfortable to hold. It didn't numb my fingers, which surprised me; it was also fairly easy to maneuver. I thought it would have been smart to couple the minuscule bullet with a controller that's a more diminutive size. I also would have enjoyed the toy more if it had a higher quality wire cord.

Long Term Appeal and Value

I felt deliciously satisfied after every time I used this item. Unfortunately, I don't feel confident about how it might perform in the long-term. The quality is ordinary and it feels more like a 'throw-away in 6 months' kind of toy. On the flip side, the lower price makes it a really fun item to try without taking a noticeable hit to your budget.

Final Thoughts

We'd be curious to know how other women would respond to the power of the Whisper Micro-Bullet. Let us know what you think. My first time experience with such an ultra-mini bullet was pleasurable and I'd definitely want to keep a mini-vibe as part of my masturbation repertoire.

I rate this item 6.5/10.

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