OP: Cunnilingus Techniques

All males boast about the how they perform oral on a woman. Everybody has a different style. personally i think I am pretty good with my tongue on a clit and/or sticking it in and out of the vagina. I guess the question is what do you as a woman like the most. Also, is there a technique you like and why?


Posted: 17 Aug 03:46


Vette, you will not like the first part of this. The best I have experienced is from another woman.
That said, men can do a great job and a major part of that is anticipating his entering me. I am most receptive right after an orgasm and cannot wait to get him inside me.

Please do not bludgeon my clitoris with your tongue. The little girl is really sensitive and powerful. If she is not exposed, let it that way; do not go digging. I like a tongue bath of the complete pudenda with each and every fold properly licked. Then sometimes just sucking around the upper part of the genitals sets me off. A little flicking sideways across the hood. If I want the whole thing spread wide (sometimes) I'll do it. Mostly slow and gentle and respond to where I am shifting things.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:48

i often heard and read from women that the best oral sex they get is from other women. I guess is because they exactly now what to do and where to do it (like in the very instructive post from Brandye, thanks for the tip!).
But i wonder ... could it be that a blow job from a man could is better than one from a woman? Hmm, i'm not sure if want to say that i'm curious LOL.

And for the original question, well, i always listen to my g/f, if the sounds of pleasure are getting louder it means i'm doing something good, if not, i move to some other place.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:48

6 Oral Techniques :

1. The ABC Writer
This is a very popular technique whereby you spell out letters on her clitoris. Once you have spelled the letters until G. Remember to play with the pace of your stroke and as always, slow works best at the beginning.

2. The Sweeper
This is a pretty easy technique. Start by placing the tip of your tongue at either the right or left side of her clitoris. Then just move your tongue from the side to side as though you are sweeping a floor. Control the movement of your strokes. Start slowly and increase the speed gradually for maximum satisfaction.

3. The Vacuum Cleaner
This technique starts off with you placing your mouth at her clitoris. Then gently suck it in and out of your mouth. This will create a very strong sensation when she is having an orgasm, so make sure that she requests it before you execute this technique.

4. The Circle
This technique is one of the best oral sex techniques that you can use on her. Start by placing your tongue either at the left or right of her clitoris. Then move your tongue in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise movement. Make sure that you move your tongue around her clitoris only to create maximum pleasure and anticipation.

5. The 71
This technique also can be used when having intercourse. Sweep your tongue on the clitoris 7 times at comfortable interval (not too quick and not too slow), and 1 time sweep from the bottom to the top and pass the clitoris with a little squeeze. As you move from bottom to top, press your finger lightly against her perineum (the expanse of skin just below her vaginal entrance).
Repeat at least 7 times before change technique.

6. The Squeezing
Focus your tongue on the clitoris, just the clitoris, move your tongue round the clitoris, apply this technique only when you feel your partner is going to ejaculate, I think you should know when it will come. :-). The round moving is in a very small range, do it until you hear the sound "aaah.. or emmh.." out from her mouth. Yes she ejaculate.

For the best result, all these tongue techniques should accompanied with finger or hand jobs and other cunnilingus positions.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:49

A little sucking...
I haven't noticed anyone specifically mentioning something that my fiancé really likes. After I've worked my way down to her pussy, I gently lick the space between her inner and outer lips, on both sides, getting them nice an wet. She's usually making some nice sounds by then. I'm positioned sideways, so her vagina is like a mouth from my perspective.

Then, without opening the vagina, I put my mouth around her inner lips, my lower lip under her lips, my upper lip over. I gently suck. Now she's louder. Again, without opening the vagina, I rub my tongue up over the lower lip, and then down over the upper. Up and back, over and over. Gently sucking all the time.

This gets her very hot, and begging for more. I haven't been able to make her cum that way, but I'm pretty sure I will.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:49

I personally do not like a guy to stick his tongue in and out of my vagina, it doesn't do much for me, I'd rather him just lick my clit and around it, start off slow then as I start to feel good then go a little fast, but he has to mix it up a little bit, slow fast slow fast, you get the point, right?


Posted: 05 Oct 04:49

the best way to find out what a woman wants is to ask...if she's too scared to tell then maybe she doesn't really mind what you do...pretty much any tongue to vagina contact will be pleasing to her


Posted: 05 Oct 04:49

pressure isn't "bad" its just some women are more sensitive to it than others... some can barely have theres stimulated, others need a lot of stimulation.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:49

I, personally, like when they switch off sucking and licking lightly or hard and also fingering.... NOW THAT IS PLEASURE.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:49

Read all you can and listen to these tips ... but I think you also just have to pay attention to her body. Don't treat it like a performance where you have to do everything "right" .... treat it like a non-verbal, physical dialogue ....

Find out how much response you can get with the minimum of contact with her clitoris. My boyfriend can just move his tongue AROUND it, without quite touching it, and once he gets the rhythm right I can have multiple orgasms just from that. (The value of not touching it directly is it doesn't become overly-sensitive. Also, when he goes down on me, I like to have him insert two fingers into my vagina .... He doesn't have to move them, in fact I prefer if he doesn't ... I just like that pressure ...)

But there are no black-and-white rules, and if you're receptive to her body and what it's telling you, sometimes you can break the "rules" with stunning results. A while ago my guy was going down on me like I just described, not quite touching my clit, and I'd had like two or three nice little orgasms, and then -- inspired, I guess -- he suddenly wrapped his whole mouth over my clit and sucked it and sucked it and sucked it in a totally shocking and violent maneuver. This gave me the biggest, most incredible, earth-shattering orgasm I've ever had in my life, which ended with me literally fainting dead away. It was amazing.

So, bottom line: educate yourself, but be receptive to her ...


Posted: 05 Oct 04:49

Well, this is my opinion. A little bit of everything is best. Start GENTLE. Be caring and delicate. As I get further a long, I like my boyfriend to start licking faster, and taking in my clit to suck it relatively firmly. Tongue insertion feels very good, and should be used, but it won't get me to orgasm. Fingering also feels good, but not at the expense of the clit. If you can't do both at once, just stick with the tongue. Also, I like to be licked quickly, ie. flicking, but licking it long and firm, kinda like ice cream, also feels really good. I hope there's nothing I'm forgetting.
In summary, a bit of everything, finishing with constant clitoral stimulation.
P.S. I actually get tired quite easily - much more than my boyfriend. I have to have at least a half hour after an orgasm before I can really go at it again.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:49

I love it when my man tells me how great I smell and taste. I love getting eaten and fingered more then anything else. And he is so sweet that he stays down there for as long as I want him too. We use toys and that hot blow stuff. There is just so much to do. And cumming over and over is the best part too.

So yes, girls do want it for themselves and not just to please the man.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:49


You have not been very active lately. I miss you. And SexGoddess. We need all the knowledge we can get and so do a few new young questers.

Cunnilingus? Between girlfriends? Sigh! Heaven! More should really try it but according to Cosmo, about 40% of us do.

Right side up, upside down, on top, on bottom, inside out, outside in, front first, back first, start in the middle, fast, slow, soft, hard, with tongue tip, with whole mouth, nibbling, licking ….you get the picture. But after much kissing, caressing, breast play, tummy play, 28 days a month but only about once a week.

For me? Thanks for asking!! During my period I love slow tongue baths treating every crease and fold, getting firmer as it progresses with a finger approaching my anus to enter in rhythm with my contractions.

In our relationship, whoever has her period gets to be queen.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:50

one thing i didn't see here is one thing i read about somewhere and have found to be very useful in pleasing during both oral and while fingering...

the clitoris is much more than just the little bud that is hidden in the top folds of the labia. it is a thin stem that runs from that bud forward/upward. you really can't feel it normally, but when a girl is aroused it stiffens, much like an erection does for a guy. once the girl is aroused you can run your finger across the mons (or just south of the mons really), and kind of feel that shaft buried in there. As it is part of the clit, it has that concentration of nerves, and can be stimulated as well.

One of my little tricks when i'm eating a girl out is, while she's laying on her back and i'm down there, i'll lick horizontally just above where the clit head is, or i'll lick up and down, feeling the clit stem just to one side of where i'm applying the most pressure. this is kind of like stroking the penis in the way it stimulates. this technique may be good as part of that teasing, or for stimulation of someone whose clit head is too sensitive. this is only a small part of my cunnilingual repertoire, but i'll spare the rest because it is quite similar to what SweetHomeAlabama said a couple of posts above mine.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:50

In my opinion the harder the tongue can get the better....

And definitely add some fingering in at the same time....

But be ready, because afterwards I will want to ride you like a horse in the Kentucky derby!


Posted: 05 Oct 04:50

Hey y'all. I've been looking at these message boards for quite some time but never felt the need to post something. I figured since we haven't had any new tips in awhile I would put in my two cents :;):

Before I divulge all, let me say that my boyfriend is INCREDIBLE in bed and knows what he is doing. Guys, if you're having a little trouble with your woman or are new at oral sex, I would recommend reading this! He has never had any previous (or current) complaints in the bedroom. So these techniques will work for most females.

Usually when we start fooling around, he will make sure to give my whole body the attention it deserves. After kissing me, he might kiss his way to my ear and softly suck on it. A lot of guys don't realize this but it drives many girls wild. There are many nerve endings in the ear. Then he will go to my neck and collar bone and slowly kiss it (a la American Pie 2). At this point I'm starting to get really turned on. He'll kiss down to my breasts which is another spot that should be given a lot of attention! The breasts especially the nipples are very sensitive to touch. The thing that feels best personally is when he either licks my nipples very slowly in circles or twists them gently between his thumb and index finger. I've realized that slow is better than fast when it comes to stimulating this area of the body.

He will travel down to my stomach and maybe linger at my belly button, another sensitive spot. Still kissing down, He'll slowly rip off my pants and underwear. By this point I am usually very wet , but he will NOT start eating me out just yet. Despite what some say it IS good to tease, fellas! It makes the girls want it more and it feels much better in the long run. He'll then spread my legs as wide as they go and kiss the inner areas of my thigh, maybe nibbling a little bit, too. He'll kiss and lick every area BUT my clit. If anything, he'll slowly rub my clit in circles with his finger just to get me going a little bit. Eventually he will give my clit one long slow lick, from the "head" to the "base." Finally, he will start eating me out, but still won't go full speed yet! Usually he'll start off at a slow pace, licking slowly and softly all over my clit. It is not best to start off really fast. While he is doing this he might reach up and rub a nipple with his thumb. Now, you can also put a finger or two into her vagina for an added bonus, but some women (including myself) do not enjoy it enough where it is worth it. As my climax is building up more and more, he will lick faster and harder.

There's many techniques to use at this point. One of my personal favorites is flicking the clit really fast or going in little circles. You can also try sucking the clit softly into your mouth while licking it at the same time. This technique drives me insane! Also, you know a girl is close to orgasm if her nipples are hard as a rock. This is when they are most sensitive and my boyfriend at this point usually reaches up to both of them and rubs them in circles very furiously and quickly. This almost always brings me over the edge within seconds.

After she orgasms, don’t necessarily stop what you are doing. It is true that some women become way too sensitive to touch at this point, but if you again become slow and gentle most can handle it. After my climax, my boyfriend usually gives me a little kiss and says he loves me. It just makes me feel incredibly sexy. If she’s not a very vocal person, ask her how you did and how you can improve, although you can usually tell whether you’re doing a good job or not. Also, If you want to feel more connected with your lover, look her in the eyes when she climaxes.

There is something else that works well, but not all women will go for it. If your girl is extremely close to the edge, stop what you are doing for 10 seconds or so, so she doesn’t cum. If you do this a few times before the grand finale, the orgasm will feel 10 times better. Before you do this, ask her first because some may not have the will power :;): Tell her to squeeze your hand when she is really close so you know when to stop. During that 10 seconds you can start kissing her or fondle her breasts. A good lover NEVER stops doing anything. Both of your hands and mouth, of course, should be occupied while eating your woman out.

Well, before this post becomes too long, I think my job here is done! To y’all who are struggling, look this over and try some things out. Have fun!


Posted: 05 Oct 04:50

Here is my input. First of all take it slow. If you just dive in and start fingering or licking her body is not ready and it will really never pick up from there. start at her breast and move down around her belly button (some women really like there belly button kissed and licked) move down and around just outside of her hair line to her thigh. then up. DO NOT just dive into her clit. It is very sensitive and in the beginning it is to sensitive, the more I get turn on the more pressure I want, but in the beginning don't even touch it lick around it. as far as the hole goes a tongue really does nothing different than a finger (actually a finger is better). If you want to drive her crazy do not actually put your finger inside for a long time just play around the outside and just inside about 1/2 inch. By the time you do insert it she will go nuts. Now once she is completely into it and trying to grind your face start sucking (gently) on her clit. Pretty much once she is grinding it ALL feels good. But DO NOT change what you are doing if she is about to cum, don't change, don't speed up, do NOTHING different (I hate that). Don't forget a little anal play occasionally (if she lets you) Alternating (with separate fingers of course) from one to the other WOW. If your not sure how she will feel about anal play this is a good time to find out. well there is my 2 cents.


Posted: 05 Oct 04:50

my personal opinion is that when my boyfriend flicks his tongue across my clit while fingering my vagina this builds up the excitement after teasing my clit with his tongue he swaps so that his fingers are teasing my clit and his tongue is inside me, it definitely works for me.

Independent woman

Posted: 05 Oct 04:50

I have one big no no and one big yes yes:

No no - Hard tongue flipping over clitoris million miles an hour. I think they've got that from a porn movie, where girls moan for pleasure what ever guys do. I have a couple of words for that person who ever thought that looks sexy!

Yes yes - sucking in the clitoris and surroundings. Gently though, no need to turn on the vacuum cleaner for that. Sucking in, and simultaneously playing around with a soft tongue. Yappee!


Posted: 05 Oct 04:50