OP: Deep Anal Penetration

Hello everyone, I'm new to the forums, and I think this is the correct section to make a post on this topic.

In the past (few years ago), I was able to take a ~1.25-1.50" diameter dildo roughly 14" deep into my colon. The dildo was very soft / flexible, so there was only minor discomfort when I had to pass the "bends" of the colon.

I know the feeling if the dildo can / cannot get past the bends.

I've been working up the size over the years, but I recently bought a new large dildo.
It's the Rascal - Black Balled 11" Dong (2.70-3.00" diameter), and is medium-firm in flex / stiffness factor.

I'm able to take roughly 6" of it (roughly the full length of the rectum), but I cannot get it past the 1st bend. The dildo is not bending enough to smoothly get past without much pain... and I'm know if I push it too hard, I'll rupture the colon.

I've seen videos of people able to take the whole 10-11" without any issues... and I'm wondering if it has something to do with my body shape/size (I'm 5'-4").

I also have a DocJohnson - Dik Rambone (2.25" Diameter), but that too is stiff and cannot get past the 1st colon bend.
(My new 3" dildo actually bends more than the DikRambone.)

IF anyone is able to take a dildo something similar to this in Size / Stiffness, could you please give some advice as to how to get it in deeper more smoothly?

Also, please post your height as well.

- Thanks.

dredogol 08/22/2010

Posted: 23 Sep 08:06


"Turning the corner" from rectum to colon is a tricky manouver for even a practised proctologist. If you are after bragging rights, you will pay in the long term. I can think of no practical reason for wanting to do this.


Posted: 23 Sep 08:07

14"!!! :eek: Wow. I don't know what advice there is to give. I don't think it has anything to do with height. Intestines/colon are basically the same in every person, and the colon is over 4.5 feet long. 142 cm. Why do you want it in your actual colon, if you don't mind me asking? Does it feel good or is it the mental aspect?


Posted: 23 Sep 08:07

I've seen people take over 18", but I stopped before reaching that depth / length.
When it goes that deep... it feels more WEIRD than anything, because it reaches the 2nd colon bend.

From the anal opening to the end of the rectum (roughly 5-7" deep), if you train your rectum to take that width / stretching over time, if CAN be pleasurable... based on the person. Main reason is because when it's that deep / wide, it always rubs against the prostate.

The only reason I want to take it to the full 11" with this dildo, is... maybe... the mental thought?

If you're the type that goes for REALLY WIDE (4"+ width) insertion... you'll need a very lose sphincter muscle (anus muscle)... which means you cannot hold very well unless you do a ton of Kegel exercises to keep it strong / closed.
Even so... there is still a possibility of mucus discharge if the sphincter muscles are not closed to keep the rectum from drying up.

I've never gone that far (or will), but this is what happens from what I've heard / read.

However... there IS a major down side to wide / deep anal penetration:
- Because you're rectum is stretched / larger, feces size will get larger == more clogged toilets... =_= *sighs*

Oh... and these are very important tips / advices for anyone into anal play:
- If you have Hemorrhoids, it is best to not do anal play AT ALL.
- Always use Water based lubricants.
- If possible... use "All Natural" water based lubes that are Glycerin / Paraben free.
- Silicon lubricants actually will suffocate the rectum / mucus membrane.
- Oil lubricants contain many toxins / free radicals that have direct access to your blood stream which may cause cancer.
- Always go to the bathroom before doing anal play... DUH!
- If possible... use a Douche with warm water to clean out the lubricant from the rectum after play.
- Always clean your toys / douche with anti-bacterial cleaners before and after play.
- To avoid toy material damage, read up on proper toy maintenance / which lubricants will destroy which toy materials
- IE... Silicon Toys + Silicon Lube == will melt.
- Also... for prolonged toy insertions... use phthalate (pvc plasticizer) free toys to avoid toxic accumulation.
- Before buying your toys... read what materials they are, and what possible toxins they may contain.
- Most adult dildos / butt-plugs contain phthalates to keep the SOFT, and some actually contain toxic heavy medals like Cadmium.

- Start small (1" wide) and work your way up in size / depth... will take many months / years.
- Using a butt plug is always best, because it allows prolonged insertion without the fear of losing it in your rectum.
- If you see any trace of blood, quiet for roughly 1 week, and start all over again from a small size.
- Gradually work up in size by 0.25-0.50" in diameter every 2 weeks.
- To keep the sphincter muscle loose, you'll need to train once every 2-3 days... Any less often, you'll need to start over.
- Always do your Kegel / PC exercises to keep the muscle strong.



Posted: 23 Sep 08:08

Really... I never knew that! :eek:
All I know is I always needed to be in the right position or bend the really soft dildo in the right direction to get it past that bend. (Thought would have been fairly EZ for proctologists.)

Anyways, I've actually seen people (vids) able to take this 3" wide monster that deep... so I know it IS possible.
The only concern I have is... are they trained to be much looser than I am... or are they enduring a ton of pain to achieve it... O_o
If it is the first, I probably have a long way to go (many months) and trying to wiggle / bend it in the right direction.
If it is the later, I'll probably quit trying to do that completely, because that much pain is no pleasure at all... let alone dangerous.


Posted: 23 Sep 08:08

Either you're born able to take things that deep or you don't mind a muscle being torn. There is a muscle that holds up the sigmoid that is somewhat under your conscious control. You can either relax enough to let things into/through the area or you can't, and if you can't then you might end up tearing it. As you know muscles can't be stretched, so that makes it all about relaxation.

It actually has very little to do with training, aside from being willful enough to completely relax while you have god-knows-what up your ass. Weekly training would only come in to play for the extreme stuff, like fisting (or worse) :P


Posted: 23 Sep 08:08

Hi, i see this is a bit of an old post but i somehow found it and read through the posts and thought id add my 2 cents in. I am 23 as of now and i have been enjoying toys for a few years. At first i couldnt take much at all but i loved the feeling so i explored. I loved the thought of taking larger dildos and was extremely satisfied everytime i took one bigger then before. Last year my girlfriend and i bought a 12 inch dildo as a gag gift for a friend of ours. When it arived in the mail i saw it and just had to try and take it. Of course i wasnt even able to get the head in because its nearly the size of a baseball bat. But since then i have been able to get it in and now i can take almost all of it. I was concerned the first time i felt it push its way through a bend but once it was past it was smooth sailing. And now everytime i use it it just slides right on through with no warm up or anything. Not sure what it is but there is nothing lke the feeling of being so full so deep. Just wish i was able to get it all the way in.

Posted: 21 Jan 22:38

To add my 2 cents just as Maninthecloset did, I have started working my way up into the sigmoid colon with big toys.

At all steps, use PLENTY of water based lubricant.

Most important things first: rinse thoroughly. Before I start playing deep, I always wash my interior with warm water. It can suck up almost an hour to be clean enough. I know when I am done when I can take 1 liter of water, lie on my left side to let it go up my sigmoid and descending colon, shake my interior with my hands, and then expell the water and it's almost perfectly transparent (there can be some small residue remaining, but hey, it's normal...)

Once cleaned up, I wait at least half an hour, preparing my setup, washing my toys, moving around, just to make sure all the water is out. Right before I start, I drop the last remaining water, and will use a butt plug in and out to expell what remains.

After this, I am ready.

I start with a width trainer, that starts at 0.5" at the tip, and that is about 1.25" at the base, over 6 inches long. It helps get the anus wider and relaxed. I get it in and out a couple times, until I feel no resistance.

Then I work my way up with a 1.75" glass dildo that has a ball tip. Usually I have to force it a bit, but since I am relaxed and use a lot of lube, no pain here.

Then comes the big one. 2.25", a bit stiff but not too much, platinum cured silicon, double ended 18 incher. Getting it in is also a step up from the last, but once it's in, it slides up well until I reach the sigmoid. Then I have to work its way to the left. I turn it so its natural curve goes left, and work up with small strokes so there's no pain, only pleasure.

At some point, I can feel the bend "unbend", and it's the magical part. So pleasurable! Then I can insert at least 14" of the dong inside, leaving just enough length outside to keep it in my hand. The natural curve of the dildo is so that when I push it, it bulges my belly and I feel my inside stretching. Soooo good. Once it's comfortably in, I can stroke the whole 14" length of the thing at once, getting it completely out and then completely in all in one long movement. I could almost jerk without stroking my penis cause it's so good...

Next step: bigger and longer! 😊

Posted: 05 Jun 12:16

His everyone. I've been doing anal most of my life and have experienced many depths over the years. I have found that the longer I go without penetration the shallower I get. I guess the lesson learned is that practice makes perfect. I've taken 18"" inside of me using my douche hose and have been able to achieve similar depths with dildos. Getting past the "walls" take time and much patience. if you try to rush it you will bleed. Don't bleed. it's not worth a trip to the ER. My asshole has taken a pounding over the years like going 12 rounds with Mike Tyson. It's pretty durable, but I even have to start slow sometimes. Btw, I'm a lifelong trans girl who loves the deep penetration. I have been able to get it to push out my abdomen with the right length. Trust me y'all, it will work with practice and patience. I know from experience.

Posted: 16 Jun 13:13

Just came across this site. With a homemade toy at 2.1" diam, I am able thrust as hard and fast as I want 15" deep.

Posted: 28 Jun 19:29

It's mind blowing when you can finally sink 2 feet of 3.5 inch diameter dildo.
And then after getting accustomed to the size, being able to ride it and feel it bottom out at the top of the ribcage every stroke is a sensation impossible to describe.
It really makes my heart pound and is a real rush like a drug.

Pulling two feet of dildo out feels as amazing as putting it in, just different.

Afterward, my colon tingles and asks me how soon before the next bang.

Please go slowly and learn how to control your muscles.
I made one monster out of the humongous XXL butt plug, (which I could sink) and over that a half of a softy traffic cone which met the diameter of the butt plug perfectly. Warmed up the tip of cone and folded it backwards leaving a big pocket into which I put a 3x15 dildo.
So when I sat on that, I'd come down on the traffic cone to about a 15 inch circumference and stop. The cone went in about 12 inches, and end of the dildo rested up against the inside of my ribcage or collarbone.
At that point I would lift my feet up, and rest all my weight on it, and just hang there impaled on the monster, enjoying the feeling of being so evenly supported that nowhere hurt, and everywhere felt happy.
Then after a while of that I would begin pounding and riding it hard.
I miss that combo, but it's pretty conspicuous.

The way I worked up was multiple dildos of all different lengths and combinations.
If you want to go deep, better go wide first, for many good reasons. No one should be playing deep until the anus and perineum have been stretched to point that the hip and pelvis bones are the limitation.
The XXL plug is your friend, it's squishy enough to deform into an oval shape so instead of bottoming out on your bones with a hard round 5 inches, it squishes into something like a 4x6, while giving maximum stretch. I need a new one. Have worn out several. They break and split or shrink.
Also fun to put a long dildo in halfway, then sit on the plug and still pop it in all the way.
At some point you can just ride the plug as fast as you want.

Over many years I have actually worn away most of my tailbone, there's only a tiny little stub left, but that makes everything easier.
I remember the day I decided to sink the huge plug and heard my tailbone snap loudly. It didn't hurt at all. For years I could just kinda press with my stomach muscles and pop it like people pop knuckles.
But the smaller bones just kinda disappeared over the past 15 years.
Get wide first.
Then you are ready for true deep play.

Posted: 03 Jul 07:12

Hi. Just joined up and am looking to go super deep. After a good warm up I can get a dildo about 16-17inches more or less straight up so the tip is bulging immediately below my sternum. Feels fantastic.
What I’m trying to do is ‘traverse’ and go round that corner. I’ve bought the fantastic crack stuffers depth trainer but despite its gentle shape and flexibility, I cannot persuade my guts to make that horizontal move and so go from 18inches to 20-24.
Anyone out there got advice having used this sort of dildo or colon snakes? How to get that change of direction? I’m very aware this is extreme behaviour and am super gentle- but insistent- however, here I seem to have reached a 3D coordination problem I cannot solve. I’m 1.84, 79kg and relatively narrow hipped but not ‘ripped’ and depth is my current challenge.
All experiences/knowledge gratefully received

Posted: 03 Jul 22:05

Next direction is to the left side of your chest and kinda backward towards your back. Still have to push like you are expelleing something.
Can you clear 18-20 with something smaller than rambone?
Gotta get one or 2 18" skinnies up there together all the way first.
What diameter trainer did you buy?
I went straight for the 80mm.
Crackstuffers depth trainer is too rounded at end and you probably should taper it into a semi-pointed tip that you can get started past the sphincter. Be sure to smooth out the tip after trimming. I used the mesh back of a chair, but a heat gun is supposed to work.

Before this I had the 29" Doc Johnson double ender, a little smaller in diameter, and a little floppier.
I could stuff it and close my ass, then get dressed and let a little hang out in my jeans,
then go do stuff. Once painted a fence stuffed that way.

You are trying to pull the transverse colon up and over toward your left armpit, which takes some practice.
Are you able to fully relax open and pull air inside? Especially with knees on ground and ass up? This may be easiest position to get fully up under the ribcage.

Posted: 08 Jul 15:36

Hi everyone i just want to say that i am able to to insert a 19.5" dildo into my ass and it is the best sensation i have ever felt

Posted: 12 Jul 12:40

Hi toyslut.
Thanks for the advice. Am currently travelling and so with much smaller toys under way, will give you more feedback after my next session.
Re crack stuffers. I have two I think they’re 40 and 70/80. I’ll certainly try something slimmer and let you know how it goes.
Relaxed I can pull air in, would this be a help here to trick the sphincter to open?
I recently lost a Hosed 50 cm tapered ball dildo (8.5cm max diameter) in my butt as the foot is significantly smaller than the last ball and after getting the ball in, it pulled its way into my rectum.
I suspect that the tip of this must have been ‘round the corner’ until my gf rescued it/me.
More on the double dildos I can manage when I’m at home with time and a tape measure.

Posted: 13 Jul 03:10

Yes, being able to open up and let air in is excellent way to help with getting the spincters to relax.

It's very helpful to have some air in there very deep when using huge toys but not much is needed. Too much will make it harder.

Tapering the tip of monsters also really helps..

Posted: 18 Jul 21:04

More thoughts and advice.
There's really no substitute for being skinny if you want to go as big and deep as possible. It affects both the maximum anal diameter and having room within your body to accommodate the volume. Internal fat between organs can make it difficult to get deeper and/or wider.
Another good reason to be skinny is there's lots of days totally "clean" to play.
This morning I used nothing but spit to sink the 27 and it came out clean...
With just the right amount of clean clear mucus.
Mucus should be encouraged rather than washed away by excessive enemas.
It's the body's correct response to provide lubrication, and you can train it to improve.
First you must learn to draw air inward, probably easiest head down kneeling ass up. While open, insert whatever...DRY.
Expel air and give it some time..
As you begin to move it around the stimulation should trigger mucus production....if you get to the point you can wildly stab a full Dick Rambone with balls off and a good fast 12 inch stroke, when you get to about 50-100 strokes you should begin to see lots of thick slippery mucus.
Adding regular sugar by dipping the head of a dildo in sugar can make a huge increase in mucus production.
Lidocaine sprays can help somewhat when moving up in size, but can end up annoying your colon, and irritating enough to stop playing. Once able to take a new size, there's far more pleasure in the ride when all the nerves are working.
Also lidocaine WILL result in less mucus.

Being tall may give me more room to cram.
Straight-line insert of the 27x3.5 bottoms on ribcage at about 24...if I keep pushing, it buckles and extends my upper left and lower right abdomen, going kinda diagonal.

It's important when moving larger to always use internal muscles as if you were expelling, it will help with all sphincters.
Once it's in, let it just lay there a while and listen to your sphincters tell you that a freight train seems to be stalled in the tunnel. Reassure your ass, tell it everything is gonna be OK.

When you get experience enough to go fully dry or spit only, you begin to crave the internal bumping and friction whether it's internal massage of stomach muscles or banging into ribcage higher up...

When I am sitting on the edge of desk and I got all 27 in the feeling of my distended stomach is mind blowing and just impossible to describe.

I've begun doing sit-ups with about 24 in.
Can do quite a few, even with the stiffness of the thing providing resistance.

Avoid flared head horse dildoes.
Just way too much to go wrong there.

Extended wear internally can go two ways.
Assuming you are clean you may find a gusher of mucus within an hour, especially if you are up and active.
If you take a nap, you may wake up drylocked. Just roll ass up and draw air inward...add some water from a bottle if necessary.
Do not just yank hard, which will be painful and dangerous.

I have spots within my abdomen and chest that are tingling even now, like a deep horny itch that wants to be scratched.

I have wondered over 30 years of using 29 and 27 inch mega dildoes, just how many dildo miles my ass has ridden. I'm guessing more than 50 but less than 100.

Did have majorly loose ass for many years but don't have an XXL plug anymore so I have tightened up some. I think I could jump right back on and sink it.
I have been focusing on deep and thick at the same time instead of max anal dilation.

When I pull out the monster and lay it on top of me, it extends from my crotch to just under my chin, I can rest my chin on it.
It's too big for me to get my large hands around, and when I grip the base with my left hand and the upper part near my neck with the right hand, the size seems impossible. Even when I know I just had it inside.

I don't shave anymore but if going for Max diameter, shaving really helps.

Wishing you many happy dildo miles and copious amounts of joyful mucus.

Posted: 25 Jul 23:02

Hi. Another question for going to extreme depth here. Do you all clean from below with enemas and or shower douche nozzles... or do you use diet changes, laxatives etc as well to get maximum space for all that dildo?

Posted: 07 Aug 00:39

I tip my ass up in the air, open wide, draw in a lot of air, and add one pint of water.
I then close my anus, shake around for a few seconds, and as I turn upright, I can feel everything falling down to be expelled.
Usually only need one pass at this.
I also eat very light so there's lots of room for colon expansion.

Posted: 21 Aug 21:46