Fellatio - Common Mistakes

Fellatio - Common Mistakes


A great blowjob is an erotic technique that you can use to make any man melt. You can really set the tone of a sexual encounter by the manner in which you give one. It can be an amazing form of foreplay, and it is highly rewarding if you throw a 69 Positions into the mix. But is it possible that you’re making fatal fellatio errors without even knowing it? Read on to see if you’re committing any of these classic blowjob blunders, and learn the tips to make them right.

1. You’re a Teeth Grazer with a Death Grip

Rather than moans of pleasure, he conveys muffled groans of pain. If you think you’re doing him a favor by giving him extra stimulation, think again; he may be wincing at the thought of the next painful stroke. A good blowjob involves finesse, and that requires you to stay in tune with your partner’s response to your touch. Clumsiness should also be avoided at all costs, especially where there’s teeth involved.

You can give him the sensation of a firm teeth grip ONLY if you do it with caution as well as his consent. Don’t assume that he likes it rough during oral sex unless he’s made it explicitly clear. Even then, give your man a warm up before you carry on to rougher play.

2. Your Blowjobs are Boring

One of the keys to extraordinary fellatio is to create novelty in your technique, which is something you both will find great pleasure in. Here are some ideas...

  1. Vary the sensation by using your mouth rim, tongue, lips, fingers, hands and breasts – individually or in combinations.
  2. Men are visual creatures, so why not give him a show he won’t forget? This includes touching yourself as you play with him, changing the position so that he gets a different viewing angle, or watching him as you glide your mouth and tongue over his penis and testicles.
  3. Adjust the tempo and the intensity of the blowjob. Hard and fast, slow n’ hard, fast and light … you get the idea.
  4. Make sure to give your mouth a break if it feels cramped. In the meantime, try rubbing your lips up and down his shaft while holding his balls in your hand. Alternatively, rub or smack his penis (gently!) against the tips of your nipples, tongue and lips.

3. You Don’t Ask for Feedback

Some women assume that a blowjob in and of itself feels good to a guy; so, they do it a certain way without considering whether it’s actually satisfactory or not. When it comes to oral sex, it makes the situation so much easier when you ask you sexual partner for a thumbs up or a thumbs down. If it’s not delivered exactly right, them having to approach you about it can be awkward, or make either of you feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

You can learn what his hot buttons are by trial and error, but it’s a lot easier if you just ask him, or getting him to masturbate in front of you. Another option is to get him to lend you a hand; he can guide your movements and illustrate the rhythm and motion that will drive him wild with desire. Take the guesswork out of it; taking an active role in pursuing his pleasure will nurture a freer sexual relationship and is a great way to lead by example.

4. You Treat a Blowjob like a Chore

Some women feel like it’s a task to love their man’s member. Her neck gets sore, it makes her feel like gagging, he takes too long to come, you don’t get anything in return - or, he asks for it so much that it feels like an obligation.

Whatever the case may be, a blowjob laced with resentment doesn’t bode well for either party. Although fellatio requires some skill, it also involves having the right frame of mind; if you’re just going through the motions, there’s a good chance he’ll notice.

Just because you start a blowjob doesn’t mean that you have to finish it. Try performing fellatio as a lead-in to full-blown sex … or as a little teaser that tempts your sexual partner into taking you right then and there. It can also be a way to lubricate his shaft prior to penetration. Many who perform this act of oral pleasure do get turned on by it, so explore the possibility of becoming aroused by it.

5. You Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Although your mouth is your most useful asset for a blowjob, don’t forget what you can achieve by using your hands. Teasing the rest of his body will create major anticipation and appreciation. Use your hands to caress his nipples, legs, buttocks and pubic area, or set them to work on his testicles as you lick and suck his penis. Alternatively, what better way is there to turn him on than by having him watch you pleasure yourself as you go down on him?

Combining oral with manual stimulation is a great way to enhance intensity and increase variety. Try alternating oral and manual stimulation. Or, integrate your hands into the act of a blowjob by wrapping one or both of them around the penis. Alternatively, join your thumb to your index (or middle) finger – this will look like the “OK” hand gesture. As you enclose the tip of his penis with your lips, keep it close to your mouth; as you slide his shaft deeper into your mouth, your “OK” not only creates added stimulation, it can be used to continue down the length of the penis that your mouth doesn’t cover orally.

Final Thoughts

It pays to learn the secrets that will send him over the brink of ecstasy. When it comes to giving pleasure, use your assets and give your man the respect and attention you’d desire to receive yourself. Don’t forget to check out Sex Info’s guide to Fellatio Positions to get your creative juices flowing.

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