Cowgirl Sex Position


In the very popular Cowgirl position the man lies on his back while the woman kneels over him, facing towards his head. The majority of the motion comes from the woman lifting, rocking, and/or rotating her hips, though the man can help spice things up with a little flavor from below. Playing with her breasts is a one of the great features of this position, though just watching them bounce isn't so bad either, just don't get hypnotized! If you're on top, you can experiment with both leaning back as illustrated, or by leaning forward on your partner's chest to find what works best for you.

Transition Positions

Lying Cowgirl

Lunging Cowgirl

Squatting Cowgirl

Oral Therapy

Kneeling Cradle

Crab 180

North Face

Collapsed Cowgirl

Twisted Usual


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