OP: Blowjobs stopped after getting married...

Why do women claim to love giving you oral, and then after you get married they stop ? I never stopped giving oral to her because I knew how much she liked it. She never asks for it, I just do it, and of course she likes it. We always had a code to say when we did want oral. We have even argued about it. It's been about a year since I've had oral. Just the other day my wife was mentioning getting a massage from me and then some oral. She mentioned this in our little code, and my reply to her wanting oral was. What is that ?


Posted: 05 Oct 22:34


To address your questions:

1. do you move while she's doing oral on you? I moan and say things like, "Oh yeah, like that, yes...", but try to be more-or-less still--I don't like getting bit!
2. do you like to control the action or does she get control? I allow her to be in control.
3. are you standing, lying down, sitting? Usually I am lying down and she is either kneeling or sitting, but sometimes she lies down while I kneel.

We used to do lot's more in terms of positions, reciprocal oral and manual stimulation, and talking during sex. I believe that this is ALL as a result of getting accustomed to the familiar and taking it for granted. I'm not complaining, just commenting. I've had this happen in both of my marriages. It's not a question of love--I loved them, and they've loved me, of that I am certain. It's about just not being willing to do something you either don't particularly or necessarily enjoy too much, even though you've previously declared your willingness to do so. It's not so much the unwillingness I mind, I DO understand that, but it's the inaccurate declaration to the contrary prior to the marriage. It's not even something that, if at first admitted to, would have been a deal-breaker, quite the contrary, I loved both women and would have married in any case. It's the declaration that she enjoyed giving oral to her man, then stopped enjoying it after the marriage. Oh well, perhaps it was just that she enjoyed doing it only with single guys...!


Posted: 05 Oct 22:39

Perhaps. I still think that her reason for stopping was that she thought of it as a means to an end because if she really did enjoy giving you oral, then she'll be continuing to do so.


Posted: 05 Oct 22:39

I wonder if someone may have some advice concerning a problem I have. First off, I have been married for many, many years to a lovely wife who I adore and whose body excites me almost more these days than when we first met.

However, a few years ago, my wife decided - out of the blue - that fellatio was off the menu. Her reasoning then was that the seepage of transparent fluid that came out of my penis before ejaculating contained hormones that contributed to the growth of hairs on her chin.

I felt pretty miserable not to have the prospect of her mouth around my penis anymore in my life, but I waited patiently, hoping she would reconsider.

She didn’t, so one day I asked why. It wasn’t easy to ask, as we didn't as a rule talk much about the details of sex. Her answer started off as the previously mentioned ‘hairs on chin’ reasoning, but then turned into something else.

Basically, it transpired that she thought the practice was ‘disgusting’ and ‘unnatural’; that she found it humiliating and degrading; that it left a ‘nasty’ taste in her mouth; that I was ‘perverse’ and ‘obsessed’ to be wanting oral sex; etc, etc.

From that day, she became increasingly unwilling to be at the receiving end of oral sex, too. When my wife first withheld fellatio, we continued with cunnilingus, and, on occasions, I got carried away, to the point where she felt I was acting 'voraciously'. She then decided she was being 'violated'; so, eventually, cunnilingus got banned, too.

Reciprocal oral sex had always been a part of our sexual repertoire since I had introduced cunnilingus on maybe the third occasion we slept together. My wife now says she was 'shocked' by this, but went along with it. However, not much later, she initiated fellatio, although she implies this was at my bidding. At any rate, she always gave every impression of enjoying both giving and receiving.

We usually treated oral sex as foreplay. I only ever ejaculated in her mouth once, when she physically prevented me withdrawing. It was in the early days of our relationship, and it was never repeated. When I reminded her of this, recently, she grimaced, mouthed, 'How disgusting!', and said she didn't believe it could have happened. She added that she couldn't believe she had ever engaged in oral sex at all, without me having got her drunk first. I didn't know how to respond to this, as we must have shared oral sex a thousand times, and she rarely drinks.

At around the time she commenced the oral veto, my wife was menopausal, with hot flushes, various degrees of arousability, desire, etc. She seems to be over the menopause now, and has a strong sexual appetite - but mostly for intercourse. Oral sex is absolutely forbidden; and her tolerance for manual foreplay, let alone foreplay that leads to orgasm without intercourse, has all but vanished.

My wife is a lapsed Catholic and I have found myself wondering how much of her recent inclination to view oral sex as humiliating and degrading has to do with her upbringing. When she saw a TV drama involving Catholic priests getting young children in their charge to suck them off, it affected her deeply - and I bore the brunt of it. I tried to point out that I was not a priest, she wasn't a child, and it was only a film; but it was as if the desire to want that sort of satisfaction was at fault, no matter the circumstances.

She also read a novel set in Afghanistan involving adult males being fellated by younger, often helpless kinfolk, which again struck her as the strong forcing the hand of the weak in unnatural ways. It proved useless to plead I was not trying to do, and had not already done, the same with her.

I once made the mistake of mentioning a snippet of information I had gleaned from a novel I had read by a South African about how many African females had two or three of their front teeth knocked out so that they could give more agreeable oral sex to their men. Anyway, this provided her with more ammunition for her theory that men have forced women over the centuries to follow an essentially unnatural practice for their own gratification; which she no longer wanted any part of.

We decided to visit a sex therapist, as we seemed incapable on our own of addressing this impasse. After four sessions, the therapist declared she could do nothing for us. She emphasised that as we appeared to be non dysfunctional, engaging regularly in enjoyable lovemaking, with me not having difficulty in getting and maintaining erections, and my wife not having difficulty in becoming aroused and reaching orgasm, we really didn’t have a problem she felt she could address.

She finished by saying she feared, if we failed to sort out the issue of oral sex satisfactorily, it could prove a danger to our marriage. As if that was not the reason we had come to see her in the first place!

We were both disappointed. At the least, we had imagined either my wife's abhorrence of, or my love of, oral sex, might have been investigated. I had secretly hoped the therapist might have had some sort of desensitization techniques up her sleeve for us to try, such as simply lying with heads on each others thighs, with our faces several inches from each other's genitals; and then gradually moving closer, seeing if we could expand the comfort zone a little. As it is, the area between knee and midriff is currently out of bounds to our lips and tongues, which, for me, is very dispiriting.

I suggested something along those lines to my wife, to see if we could find a version of oral sex that was acceptable to both of us, even if it was initially limited to our heads resting on each other's thighs, merely sniffing the adjacent air. My wife's response was, she would be happy with that, so long as we went no further. In other words, so long as I promised never to go beyond that initial comfort zone, she would agree. I then said that the point of the exercise was to stretch that comfort zone, even if only by a little. She responded by saying that what I really meant was that we would get closer and closer until she ended up sucking my penis.

It's usually at that stage that the tempo of our discussions starts rising. I say I'm not expecting her to suck my penis, and that I would be very happy if she simply lay her face alongside it; but I'm unable to deny that my ultimate 'goal' would be to have her take it in her mouth - but only if she wanted to. Equally, my ultimate goal would be for me to delve into her vagina with my mouth and tongue - but, again, only if she wanted me to.

The trouble is, it's enough for her that I have those ideas in my head. She's convinced that to lie with heads on thighs and mouths a foot away from genitals is the thin end of the wedge; and that I won't be truly satisfied until we're in the throes of a fully fledged soixante neuf (of which I have the fondest memories of us doing on many occasions ...). She may be right. I don't know.

It's now been nearly a year since visiting the therapist, and we're no further forward. I still yearn, daily, for oral sex, with, perhaps surprisingly, more and more of the emphasis on me as the giver rather than the receiver. Most of my sexual fantasies concern my wife and cunnilingus. Although this whole issue began with her stopping giving me oral, the fact that she has been unwilling for so long for me to give it to her is almost more painful. I use the word 'yearn' and it's an apt one. It's as if I'm in mourning for a lost past - even a lost person. My wife says, 'Get over it'; and all I can say in reply is that I don't want to get over my memory of her.

To sum up, my wife's view is that fellatio is disgusting, both for her to think about and for her to do; and that it is equally disgusting for me to want it. It is unnatural, perverse, degrading and humiliating for her, and my desire for it is something I should get over. Cunnilingus is equally disgusting for her to contemplate, gives her no pleasure to receive, and it is revolting, in her view, for me to want to do it. Both practices are, in her mind, irrelevant to a satisfactory sex life.

For me, things are the polar opposite. I love oral sex. I love giving it and I love receiving it. When my wife says she finds it unnatural and, for her, degrading and humiliating, I simply don't know how to reply. I find it the complete opposite: loving, intimate, delightful, supportive; such an extremely comforting thing to both do and receive. It's also highly erotic. It takes me to a place of pleasure I can't otherwise reach. I feel increasingly bereft without it. A voice in my head tells me this is infantile behaviour, and in a way, I think it is. Infants are incredibly oral creatures, and I think I have carried elements of this with me into adulthood.

I suspect, in Freudian terms, her id is just as keen on oral sex as I am - I have far too many memories of her in action to not believe that; but her superego has stepped in and forbidden it and her ego is now siding with her superego. My own id, ego and superego, meanwhile, seem to be of one mind.

Any suggestions? - Apart, that is, from "Get over it!"


Posted: 06 Oct 22:25

That's a noodle scratcher. You can't force something that she is clearly dead set against. If this is an issue that can ultimately split the two of you up, it sounds like your on a one way street there. You went to therapy and that did nothing. You could try a new therapist, but it really sounds like your wife has made up her mind.

If this is not an issue that leads to divorce court, then it may be time to let it go. You have to respect your wife's opinions. It may suck, but that's life. Unless there some tramatic event in her past that has caused this, you can't "cure" her objections. That's who she is.

Buck Naked

Posted: 06 Oct 22:25

I agree with the therapist that you need to sort this out or there will more damage to the marriage. I cannot, however, imagine a therapist essentially firing you as clients. You could ask her for a recommendation to another therapist or try to find one on your own.

We each have limits and these must be respected - or worked around somehow. Your wife developing new limits over the years, that is stopping what she had been doing, is not as clear as starting with limits established. Many women do find oral sex unacceptable and I'll vouch for the bad taste. There is certainly nothing about it that will cause her to grow hairs on her chin. Menopause may, but nothing that comes out of a friendly penis.

Most prostitutes will tell you that oral sex is their most requested trick and some will tell you that wives who refuse are what keeps them in business. A therapist willing to delve deeper into her resistance may well be the answer, even if not a sex therapist as such. I see not apparent alternative because you are not likely to go forever without a good blow job.

Would she do it with a condom? That is a non-lubed poly condom; the lube is nasty and latex tastes bad as well.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:25


The problem is, I don't believe "That's who she is". It's more like "That's who she thinks she ought to be." The therapist went bananas when I suggested this, and my wife scoffs when I repeat it; but I'm convinced in her heart of hearts she enjoys oral sex - at the very least, being on the receiving end. She's mentioned before that she could only have done it when 'out of control', and it's true, she's far less prone nowadays to becoming out of control when we make love. She's silent, whereas once she made a lot of noise; and she's noticeably unwilling to enter into a sexual trance, preferring to remain somewhat detached.

However right you may be about it being a time "to let it go", the trouble is, 'it' seems to be very much a part of me. As George Melly said, after losing his sex drive, "It’s like being unchained from a lunatic".


No, there is no way a condom would solve things. The degrading, humiliating, unnatural element she finds in fellatio would only be emphasised that way.

If it was just taste, oral sex in the shower or bath would be an obvious solution.

Another therapist is always a possibility; but somehow we feel it should be within our capacity to solve this on our own.

Thanks for the replies, anyway, folks.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:25

Hey Bouledoux,

You are squarely within the majority of married men as the great majority of women do not and will not administer BJs. Many will not even perform fellatio as foreplay, much less carry all the way to orgasm. Yes, I know that is of no comfort to you, but I just had to say it.

The therapist was honest with you and did the correct thing. Sex therapists do not treat sexual tastes or preferences. They treat dysfunctions : impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of desire and anorgasmia for example. Neither you or your wife suffer those. A relationship counselor might be what you need, but it sounds to me as is that's not going to help at this point.

This is a tough one and if I had the solution to the problem I would not be sharing it freely here. Let's see, $100 ( does that sound cheap? ) X 3,000,000,000 men who can't get a BJ....

Not laughing yet? OK, try this approach - Don't mention oral sex to your wife. Don't ask for it, don't offer it. Work on every other aspect of your sexual relationship. Get really good at sensual massages. Learn, discover or invent some new positions for coitus. Make everything about sex without fellatio or cunnilingus the best it can possibly be.

Now, have you ever thought that oral sex might be more than just fellatio and cunnilingus? What about kissing? What about licking, suckling, nibbling and kissing of ears, feet, hands, breasts, buttocks and any other part of the body-except genitals. All of these things can be highly stimulating. Just don't tell your wife that this is also oral sex. Maybe after a year or so of doing what I suggest in the this paragraph and the one preceding it you can gently coax her to some foreplay involving fellatio. If you are extremely lucky she might even give you a blow job. If it doesn't happen don't freak out. Remember you are in good company. Most men don't get BJs. Many men don't even get laid.

Still thinking -yeah, yeah, yeah, but what I want is a blow job? I think Brandye's prostitute acquaintances have it right. If other women-wives, girlfriends, mistresses- gave BJs prostitutes would be out of business. My wife has even known women who said, " Oral sex? That's what prostitutes are for." So if you are the type who has a moral aversion to prostitutes and BJ buddies Remember:. Most men don't get BJs. Many men don't even get laid.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:26


Sound advice.

A dilute version of your paragraphs 4 and 5 are what I'm currently doing, with occasional lapses, when I can't resist reminding my wife how great it would be if oral sex came back on the menu, because I imagine if I don't, she will think I've lost interest. These reminders are getting less frequent, though.

It's not just fellatio. I think I actually miss cunnilingus more. You seem to have a statistical bent: do the majority of waves dislike being given oral sex, and bar their husbands access?

I'm not much taken with the idea of getting oral sex on the side. I've noticed, though, that when I'm with (which could mean talking to someone I know or simply glimpsing a stranger on the bus) women these days, whereas once, when younger, I might have briefly fantasized about living with them, and than, later in life, about having intercourse with them, now I just speculate about how oral sex might be.

However, so far, I've only ever done any of these - lived with, had intercourse with, and enjoyed oral sex with - my wife.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:26

In the first "scientific studies" of sexual behavior by Alfred Kinsey on the 1940s, slightly less than half of married couples were found to engage in oral sex. Tracking studies showed a steady increase and the last I am aware of in the 1990s placed that figure near to three-quarters. So, dlb, the majority now do engage in oral sex. Given the apparent explosion of oral sex among teens, I suspect it will become nearly as common as vaginal sex in a decade or so. But, these are sociological facts and do not help that individual with a wife who has closed down.

Bouledoux, I do not know what to recommend to you. For full disclosure I will say I love receiving cunnilingus and I love performing it. I enjoy performing fellatio because of the pleasure it gives a partner and the vicarious pleasure that gives to me. I can understand your missing the cunnilingus more than the fellatio but, in the modern age, I believe that fellatio should be in every woman's bag of tricks. And, I know that without cunnilingus, I would have many fewer orgasms.

Somewhere your wife has "learned" that oral-genital contact is dirty or nasty or inappropriate or whatever. Unlearning that will not come from you. That is why I recommend another therapist who can deal with taboos, phobias and the like.

As for your fantasies of what oral sex would be like with the women you observe, there is still about one chance in four that they would not participate even if you did get close to them.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:26

Excuse me - but fellatio/cunnilingus is NOT the issue here!

As your wife reaches the end of her reproductive period, her Catholic "sex is only for reproduction" is coming back to haunt her and ruin your marriage. If you two do not get with a GOOD sex therapist, she will gradually stop doing one act after another until you two aren't having any sex at all.

Also involved is the idea that now she cannot have children, she is "less of a woman" which is what that "hairs on her chin" statement really meant. All subconsciously, of course.

Naturally you want sex and various acts thereof - and so does she - she is just having a difficult time reconciling the two conflicting messages. Therefore - off to the sex therapist with you!

(please note: as her hormones change, she will actually desire sex more than ever before - the guilt over this can and will destroy your marriage if she cannot get this resolved.)


Posted: 06 Oct 22:26

Thanks, EvilEvilKitten,

That's an intriguing perspective. It's more or less what I've half thought for ages. It certainly puts a lot of slightly odd behaviour my wife has exhibited recently into context.

Two things stand out. One is her increasing impatience with sexual foreplay. With non sexual kissing, cuddling, etc, there's no limit to her receptiveness; but as soon as things become sexual, her one desire is to get my penis in, or in proximity to, her vagina. It doesn't seem to matter if she's aroused or not; as long as my penis is there, she's happy.

I've not been very keen on this, and we've evolved a strategy of making dates and saying beforehand what we would like to do. Often, I ask for no penetration at all, so we can really concentrate on foreplay (still no oral, of course!). The trouble is, although my wife goes along with what we've agreed, I can tell her heart's not in it. She seems detached, almost bored.

In conversations, she's often called oral sex 'pointless', superfluous', 'unnecessary', etc; but now she's beginning to apply these sentiments to everything except actual intercourse. It doesn't seem to matter to her that although I become aroused very quickly, she doesn't, so often my erect penis is at the entrance to her vagina well before there is any possibility of penetration.

That suggests to me very strongly she subscribes to the notion that "sex is only for reproduction", even if she can't reproduce any more, and that all the other stuff - sexually arousing kissing, caressing, touching, breast fondling, etc, - is more or less irrelevant frippery.

Another strange thing is her abhorrence of French kissing. I can't remember with certainty, but I suspect she introduced this into our lives. She was infinitely more tactile than me, in the early days, and taught me a lot about taking time for kissing. My recollection is we both found French kissing particularly arousing. Now, she squirms and recoils at much more than a normal, non sexual kiss, says it's ticklish, and if it does go on for any length of time, has to hold her breath, because she says she can't breath through her nose while kissing. She screws her mouth up and turns away if even the tip of my tongue ventures between her lips. She agrees she can breath through her nose okay doing any number of other things, but even a static kiss, where our lips are simply joined together, doing nothing, means she has to hold her breath, which is somewhat limiting.

An associated peculiarity is when she gets within a certain distance of orgasm. She can only orgasm in the missionary position; and when she gets to a certain point of excitement, then her mouth opens, and French kissing is on the cards again. So is nibbling of lips and all manner of salivating contact, which is great; but the odd thing is her mouth opens in a very distinctive way, as an almost perfectly formed penis shaped receptacle, and stays like that. This is too far open for tongue kissing, or tongue sucking, especially as she maintains the wide openness, and she often ends up sucking my nose or chin or cheek. If my penis was on my face, I'm sure it would be a perfect fit. I've often wondered about the association of this tendency in conjunction with her hovering close to orgasm.

I hope this doesn't sound like wife bashing. I have loads of peculiarities she has noticed and wondered about - not least, my propensity for oral sex. And nuzzling her breasts, which I don't find 'peculiar' at all, but she certainly does. My wife is certain I was orally deprived as an infant, which I probably was.

We were both seriously disappointed with the therapist we saw; but how to find a "GOOD" one? If I need a good plumber, a good dentist, a good doctor, I can ask around. Everyone knows one, or knows someone who knows one. I can't imagine asking the people I'm acquainted with for recommendations for sex therapists. And searching online isn't very revealing. They all have letters after their names but from what I can see the training is fairly standard. The therapist we had could have been reading from a book, she seemed so rote.

I'm not even sure my wife would agree to go a second time. She didn't enjoy discussing our intimate behavior with a stranger, one bit.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:26

Not exactly pertinent to the thread Brandye, but could you give me a bibliography on the 1990s study you mention? I find that interesting in that it parallels my own study in percentages. But does the one you mention address the percentage of women who perform fellatio, the percentage who perform fellatio to to the point of and during male orgasm, or simply married women who "engage in oral sex" which could be interpreted as meaning they receive cunnilingus, but do not perform fellatio? My own statistics take into account women of varying social strata, of all races, from several ethnicities, cultures, countries, religions and continents with age ranging from 18 to 50 years of age but have also required proof that they actually do perform fellatio. I began keeping statistics 25 years ago. Since then the percentage of women who perform fellatio has remained fairly stable at around 80% ! The women who will administer a blow job, fellatio provoking an orgasm rather than fellatio as foreplay, are only about 20% of all women or 25% of those who will orally stimulate a penis. A significant portion of the female population, twenty percent, are not willing to touch a penis with any part of their mouths at all.

If you can name the study and the author(s) I would be very thankful since it does support my own data.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:26

That is a difficulty. You will have to speak frankly with your regular doctor and name names.

But it seems to me that you should get up on your back legs and speak frankly with your wife, whether she wishes to hear it or not. You do NOT want "insert tab a into slot b" sex. You want that conflagration of souls sex that is a glorious reaffirmation of life and you are NOT going to settle for less.

Ask her to remember how it once was and then ask her to visualize a bleak lifetime without. Sex can be better than ever now. There's huge chasm of fear in her mind and now it is time for Her Big Bad Husband to wrap her up in his arms and help the lady out. See the sticky post entitled The Program. See what you two can do with that.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:26

This is perhaps off topic some, but when did oral sex become such a bad thing? My wife won't do it...okay, won't may be the wrong word but it happens maybe 4 times a year if I'm lucky. She knows I like it, she knows I want it but she doesn't do it. Anyway, back to the topic. When you start dating, usually oral is stepping stone to sex. How has it suddenly gone from a "baby step" to off limits? I just don't get it.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:26

The Program is based upon a gradual increase of intimacy. Take your time, there's no rush. Give her a chance to remember how good sex with you feels and how much you care for her by the amount of care you are taking over this.

Any woman can learn to become multi-orasmic by RELAXING. She has to give herself permission to enjoy sex, giver herself permission to orgasm, and to give herself permission to show you what she's really capable of.

It will take time to overcome her 'bad programming' but it can be done.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:27


How about getting her to talk to a priest? It seems like her dislike of enjoying sex and enjoying oral sex may have something to do with her religious beliefs. If this is true, the easiest way to change her beliefs would be thru a priest. I don't know if it would be easy or difficult to find a priest to do this, but it may be worth the try. I am sure that if a priest understands that your marriage would be better with this change, he would be happy to help.

By the way, congratulations on your writing abilities. It is nice to read good writing.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:27

I plan to do this. I'll let you know, in due course, how it turns out.

I've read what you've written concerning The Program and Body Worship. The only question I have concerns time. When we've exchanged massages before, or even when we've done sensate focussing, or a variant of it, we've always specified how long each 'turn' would last. Maybe that isn't appropriate for what you're suggesting, and it will be obvious when to move between stages; but in very approximate terms, what would you say might be a reasonable period of time to spend on 1, 2, 3 and 4; or to get from 1 to 4?

This is for a 'beginner', who's main worry is that his wife will get bored, start yawning, and half way through, remind him the rubbish needs putting out the next day.


Posted: 06 Oct 22:27

Some of your issues I could have written myself 10 years ago, when my late wife began going thru "the change". She'd been my "first", although she'd had many lovers before me. We'd been married for decades as well, with a slow, steady decline in the frequency, variety and intensity of our lovemaking from about our 20th anniversary on. Big difference from you--she was always multi-orgasmic and always expected at least 2, if not 5 orgasms when we made love, and she would usually accept my giving her oral, to orgasm, prior to penetration, AND she normally liked to be on top. Plus, she had never been a Catholic or even a Christian! BUT, as the years went by, she got more into "getting right to the main event", and grew more and more bored and impatient with foreplay. IF she ever did give me oral, it was cursory, maybe a minute or two, never more, just a few licks and then "Put it in now!" It was as if, as our marriage progressed, she became more like a man in her sexual responses and I more like a woman, in response. I finally DID write her that letter, many pages long (I'm also a writer), detailing why I wanted intimacy and passion back in our marriage, setting out a vision of how our marriage could be more loving and fulfilling. It was a huge risk, I felt, but I also felt that I had little choice, because the marriage was at stake. I recently found that letter, while going thru papers preparing to move out of the house we shared for over 20 years. I know she always loved me, and she DID enjoy sex with me. I desired her physically always. Her later-in-life disinterest was such a rejection of and mystery to me. She was suspicious of any caress or kiss--she feared it might make me want "more." Like with you, French kissing all but vanished.

Long story short--I had a 2-year affair a dozen years ago, which she suspected but never really wanted to know about--it was a long-distance, very occasional "don't ask, don't tell" sort of thing. I ended it because I loved my wife and felt I could live with the lack of intimacy. I figured sex twice a month would have to do, and I'd take care of my desires beyond that by myself. After "the letter", things did get briefly better, but tapered off again. Then I had the heart attack, then she got cancer, and it seemed we fell madly in love. She was in remission for a couple of years, and although sick from chemo and radiation, wanted me more and more. When 2006 turned to 2007, her New Year's Resolution was, OUT OF THE BLUE, "We should have more sex." Who was I to disagree? Six weeks later the cancer returned and 8 weeks after that, she was dead. Do what you need to do as a couple NOW--don't waste time--you never know how much longer you have...


Posted: 06 Oct 22:27