Masturbation - Anal

Masturbation - Anal

This form of masturbation conjures up all sorts of misconceptions. Some assume that a person who enjoys anal play is perverted or immoral; others believe that partaking in it would somehow compromise their sexual orientation. There are also those who keep the 'back door' closed because opening it might make them feel too vulnerable. It is easy to see that perception can have a major impact on a person's experience with anal exploration.

Being open to anal play is an indication that a person feels comfortable with his or her body. It also suggests that they don't let outside influences affect the expression of sexuality that feels natural to them. With this spirit of openness, this article will focus on anatomy, sex toys, tips, and methods as they relate to anal masturbation. The information will apply to both men and women, apart from the section about prostate stimulation.

The Anus

The anus is a bodily orifice that is rich in sensitive nerve endings. The primary purpose of the anus it is to eliminate waste from the body. It is an anti-posterior slit in the skin, meaning that it runs from outside of the body inwards. It is one part of a complex system that combines voluntary and involuntary contractions of muscles and other sphincters. The anal canal, which is situated between the rectum and the anus, is about 4 centimetres long; the length varies among men and women, but women's canals are usually shorter.

The tissue of the anus is very thin compared to the vagina and can be torn if forced. The anus is a one-way valve, meaning that it passes feces out and is not normally designed to allow things in! It is therefore very important to take things slowly, never to force penetration and to be mindful not to over-stretch it.

Does Anal Masturbation Hurt?

Anal masturbation creates a wholly unique sensation. At first, it might seem uncomfortable, but that's because the sensation is so distinctive. Moreover, a tremendous amount of tension and nervousness can easily manifest in the constriction of the external sphincter; thus, the anus gets tightly clamped, making it difficult to pass anything through it. The best thing to do prior to play is to engage in an activity that can alleviate these stresses, like going for a run or getting a massage. If you follow all of our tips and it continues to feel uncomfortable, don't be hard on yourself. It may not be an activity that is right for you at this time.

Why Bother with Anal Masturbation?

Anal exploration plays a role in human sexuality, mainly because of the erotic pleasure it can bring. If a person is very aroused when they commence anal masturbation, they can experience quite a range of titillating sensations. With the right positioning, anal masturbation can indirectly excite a woman's g-spot or man's p-spot (prostate gland), even to the point of climax. There is also evidence that an anal orgasm can be experienced independently of clitoral/penile or g-spot/p-spot stimulation. Even just the idea of anal penetration can be highly arousing; its provocative reputation and unconventional role in the bedroom can be a real turn on.

There are other great reasons to try anal masturbation. As with any form of masturbation, it is essential to the development of a person's sexuality to discover the sensations their body responds to, at a pace they feel comfortable with. Playing with the anus is also an excellent way to work on letting go of control and over-constriction; some people are so tightly wound that even a normal Orgasm is difficult to achieve!

Anal masturbation is perfect preparation for anal play with a partner, whether you're the one that wants to introduce it or are working your way up to a partner's request. Exploring the anal region on your own may also alleviate any embarrassment you might feel if someone else were there. Since relaxing and letting go is essential to pleasurable anal penetration, solo play may be the only way you gain more confidence at the onset.


There are a few things to do before you try anal masturbation. It really helps to have a full bowel movement before engaging in play, but make sure you wait at least four hours after before attempting penetration. Proper hygiene and good grooming also play an important role, whether you're alone or with a partner. Wash with gentle soap and skip the smelly shower oils because they have the potential to irritate sensitive tissue. If it makes you feel more comfortable, trim or shave as much of the genital area as you see fit; if you opt to wax, give it at least a day to rest because the anus may be too sensitive to be touched. Don't forget to trim your nails if you choose to use your fingers.

Prepare your accessories; this may involve sterilizing your toys or setting up your mirror. The following items with also be useful to have around: towel, rubber gloves, hand sanitizer, and plenty of lubricant. You can also try an anal desensitizer, which is meant to help to relax the anal sphincter.

Products like Apronal Anal Spray by MAKE GmgH are non-anaesthetic and can be used in conjunction with condoms and lubricant. Next, relax! Go for a walk, have a glass of wine, or get a massage; do anything that alleviates nervous jitters. This practice will help you gain control of unintentional anal contractions. Once you're ready to play, treat the experience like you would a thorough regular masturbation session.


Massaging others areas of the body while you simultaneously explore the anus will help relax the sphincter. This, along with masturbation and the use of sex toys, will also aid insertion. Find a comfortable position and start to massage the rim of the anus, slowly circling it with a toy or your finger. Spend ample time getting comfortable with this sensation. Using plenty of lubricant, massage the entrance of the anus in the same sensual manner. This will feel similar to analingus, except that the tongue feels much softer.

On an out breath, penetrate the anus with tip of one finger (or small toy) as you continue to pleasure yourself. Once your external sphincter gets accustomed to the sensation, slowly begin to pump it a little further in, and focus on the pleasurable sensation of the massage. At this point, you can either practice deeper penetration or stay shallow and add more girth.

When using an anal toy, build your confidence with smaller items. You may want to massage the anal rim with the object in order to accustom yourself to its rigidity. Instead of simply thrusting the toy, vary the pace of the anal massage and experiment with different angles and different depths. When you sense that you're about to climax, get ready to slowly pull out the toy: as you orgasm, you'll find that this creates an extremely pleasurable sensation.

Sex Toys

Anal Sex Toys serve a number of useful purposes and are highly recommended for the real explorers. Anal specific pleasure objects act as an extension of the hand, allowing one to easily reach the anus while providing a high level of manoeuvrability. Individuals can select virtually any size they want and can even opt for toys with graduated sizing. Don't forget about clitoral and penile stimulators; they can be ever so useful for arousal, relaxation, or even distraction!

There are plenty of anal options to choose from, such as anal dilators, butt plugs, and anal beads. These toys can easily be integrated into couple's play or remain reserved for solo use. The other major advantage of using anal toys is that they are by-and-large produced out of hygienic, body safe materials; they can even be sterilized by means of boiling or putting them through a dishwasher cycle. If you're sharing your pleasure objects or if hygiene is a concern, incorporate the use of a condom. Only use toys with a flared base. This will prevent the item from slipping all the way inside the anus by way of involuntary sphincter contractions.

Tantric Principles

The principles of tantric sex are extremely useful as they relate to anal masturbation. Erogenous zones, such as nipples or genitals, are areas of the body that are highly sensitive to touch; stimulating them can elicit a powerful sexual response. There is a particular Tantric Sex technique that endorses a systematic stimulation of erogenous zones, where parts of the body are stimulated in a certain order. The kiss, lick, caress, massage, and hot or cool breath can all be used to achieve this effect. By the time the last zone of the body is stimulated, an enormous amount of sensual energy has been generated in the individual.

The anus is classified as a tertiary (third-level) erogenous zone, as it is meant to receive stimulation last. However, it is not designated as such because it's less sensitive; as a matter of fact, the case is quite the opposite! The anus is so sensitive, that stimulation would feel very uncomfortable unless the person was extremely relaxed. This tantric technique demonstrates the close relationship between relaxation and arousal. In order to enjoy anal play, one must patiently wait until the body is in a high state of arousal before pleasuring this area.

The Prostate Gland (applies only to men)

The prostate gland is surrounded by a thick fibrous covering and is located right underneath the male bladder directly in front of the rectum. Physiologically, this part of the body is essential to the functioning of the male reproductive system. In addition, it secretes a fluid that makes up almost one third of seminal fluid excreted upon ejaculation.

Manually stimulating one's own prostate is difficult to do, unless you're very flexible. This is the reason why it's customary to use a sex toy to stimulate the anus. If a partner is available to assist you, position yourselves in front of one another, have them insert one or two fingers into your anus and commence a “come hither” motion to give you intense prostate stimulation. The circular rubbing motion should be slow and gentle to start with and can increase in speed and intensity if the receiver is comfortable.

Final Thoughts

Anal exploration is a sign that a person is open to exploring the pleasure their body is capable of. If you decide to challenge this area of your sexuality, leave your expectations at the door. It may likely take you a few attempts to get comfortable with the process, so stay positive and be patient with yourself!

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