Crab 180 Position

Crab 180

aka: Crabby Cowgirl

In a 180 twist on the primary variation, Crab 180 has the woman's head at the man's feat, and vice versa. With exception to the perks for men with a foot fetish, the most notable difference is the reversed angle of penetration, which can be uncomfortable for some men when pushed to the extreme. On the other hand, some women may find this angle to be a lot better for targeting the g-spot, so you may find yourselves needing to compromise.

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This was VERY uncomfortable for my hubby when I learned this far back. I think I would like it but he definitely needs to be less than full hard for this to work!

Posted: 13 Nov 03:48

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We stopped doing this one as she was slamming into my balls with alarming regularity. Her ass had indentations of my sac!

Posted: 25 Oct 20:43