OP: Blow-job Techniques 101

Anyone have any special methods or techniques they care to share with the board?


Posted: 05 Oct 02:27


receiveJust thought I'd add my personal experience to this topic. My b/f also loves to have his prostate stimulated but recently we have found that (if you aren't grossed out by it) licking the area around the anus is very sensitive, in fact flicking the tissue that bunches up there drives him absolutely wild and he's been cumming harder than he says he ever has before. If you're both comfortable with the idea it's a great addition to going down on your guy.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:08

My man likes it when I make him lie on the bed with me between his legs.. his thighs on mine and spread.. I use allot of lube (I just use baby oil gel and baby oil mixed).. I smother his cock and my hands with the oil.. I use both hands on him (which he loves) than I use one hand to rub his crack and anal area (he loves it) While Im doing that I start giving him head, I pump him with one hand while sucking his tip and the "v" spot on the back side of the penis I rub with my tongue (Mmmm) He has great stamina but he can't even stand this... being between his legs is also a great position to give a boob job (wink) just my 2ç :-)


Posted: 05 Oct 03:08

While first getting started, you can get him really excited by gently licking his penis all over. Sometimes, to keep him from getting too spoiled, I'll just do that and then switch to a hand job or let him finish himself. If you move onto the real deal, it's good to mix it up a little. Some good techniques are: a very quick up and down motion; flicking under the head with the tongue; sucking just the head very hard; and of course, the big winner, DT. Throughout all of this most guys will like it if you play with or even suck on their balls (only problem there is that there's no way I know of to protect from STDs).


Posted: 05 Oct 03:08

I get in here and read these posts once in a while. The thing you gotta remember is all us men love our women to give us BJ's. I have never met a straight man who didn't love a woman going down on him. I admit I have had really good BJ's, and I have had a few not so good ones. The women I knew I was going to see for a while, I'd do my best to try to improve their techniques. Women will listen to what you want most of the time. (Unless you want something really wacko when you're just starting out together). When I was going out with my wife a few years back before we got married, it was obvious to me she had no clue what to do or how to do it. Today is a much different story. She got there by me telling her what felt good, what I wanted, and by me earning her trust. The other side of that is you got to be patient, and willing to give her a little time. It don't hurt to amaze her with your oral skills either, makes her want to do a better job. Do what you feel, and do it like you mean it. In the end, you'll be happy.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:08

From a guys point of view the best thing females can do to a guy when it comes to oral is use a lot of tongue. The best thing is to take a mans penis into your mouth and close ur lips and just use ur tongue to do everything and when you have had enough remove the penis from inside of your mouth slowly while massaging with your lips. Also, hand and lip motion is always good. Also, the balls are a very good spot to trigger when doing oral. 1 more, try to suck, use one hand to jerk at the same time, and the other hand to play with his balls...


Posted: 05 Oct 03:08

Personally, I think you have to enjoy what you are doing and not send off any negative vibes to your partner. If you show him or even tell him you are enjoying pleasuring him, all the better.

What I like to do is slowly work my way down to his penis. Sucking on his nipples and kissing/licking my way down. While kissing his chest I like positioning the penis between my breasts and gently squeezing. When reaching the pelvic area, I kiss and lick everywhere BUT his penis. Licking and gently nibbling on the inner thighs. When I see that he has had enough of the teasing I gently run the tip of my tongue from the bottom of his shaft all the way to the tip. And slowly build up the intensity. I like to insert just the very tip of the head into my mouth and little by little take more of it in. At this point I like to keep the rhythm soft and slow. I like to build up the pressure by tightening my lips and my hand(s) around the shaft while still keeping a slow rhythm. As my hand strokes the shaft I like running my tongue over the scrotum and softly (!) sucking on his testicles. I also like to alternate between hard and slow strokes with quick and soft strokes. I also like applying pressure to the perineum with my finger or my tongue. And I always makes sure that my lips are secured tightly around my teeth.

I think some of the key things to remember (at least from my experience it might not be for all men)are:

a) saliva, saliva, saliva..it keeps the penis well lubricated
b) alternating your speed/pressure, alternating between using just your lips and tongue, to just using your hand, to using both, it keeps him guessing and makes the experience less "boring"
c) work that tongue, always keep it moving, circle the head, make figure 8's, spell out your name...just keep it moving.
d) and last but not least, Enjoy yourself!

This is just what works for me, haven't had many complaints as of yet. I could go into more detail, but I think I've detailed enough. Every guy is different, therefor they like different things, get your partner to tell you what he likes. Don't be afraid to speak up, you'll both be happier campers!


Posted: 05 Oct 03:08

What I do with him is I like to tease him before hand... he really likes it when I nibble on his ears and stick my tongue in, also rubbing his back and chest works, then I work my way down his chest gently kissing stopping briefly to stimulate his nipples, and I gently kiss down until I reach his crotch then I rub his legs between his penis and leg (he really loves that) and I tease him by rubbing my hands everywhere but the penis

Then I get him to move his legs so that I'm between them, give him a sexy grin then I gently lick around the tip of his penis and run my tongue gently down his shaft... after running my tongue down his shaft a few times. Then I slowly insert his penis into my mouth slowly little by little while sucking, not too gently but not too strongly I found the thing he likes the best is when I suck on it, create A LOT of saliva... his most sensitive spot on his penis seems to be the back of the head so I position my tongue in such a spot that as I'm going up and down on him that spot is being stimulated by my tongue...

also what I also do is while he's still in my mouth and I'm moving up and down on him, I a) like to vary the speed so and depth that I put him in, and also move my tongue a lover the shaft but mostly around the edge of the head. Unfortunately I don't have very good stamina at the moment so I've found when my jaw starts to ache unbearably I switch from bj to hand job to give my jaw a break, the hand job works really well since he's always well lubricated from my saliva, when my jaw recovers I go back to the b/j again.

Ruri Hoshino

Posted: 05 Oct 03:09

You know, I think every guy is sooooo different. ask what blows his mind! Watch him - and listen. And your mouth and tongue shouldn't be doing all the work. Use your eyes, your hair, your hands, your language... Plus, consider the blowjob the whole package - from arousing him to his orgasm. Experimentation is half the fun! Enjoy!


Posted: 05 Oct 03:09

i don't know why, but when my ex decided to start trying to give blow jobs she wouldn't suck. She did a lot with the tongue, but never sucked. I told her to suck on it like she'd suck on a lollipop and she said she was never a fan of those, so later i told her to suck on it like you suck on a straw trying to drink a thick milkshake. she tried for a couple of seconds, but then stopped. she never tried giving a blowjob for more than a couple of minutes anyway, which was very frustrating. she sucked (not in the literal sense) at giving blowjobs.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:09

Alright, this is an in depth explanation of my favorite technique.
I don't do a lot of teasing before hand, because i found that my guy does not especially like to be teased.
But I still tease in other ways... first I do light kisses all the way up and down his shaft, gently cradling his balls in my hand. I kiss my way up to the head and gently flick my tongue on the most sensitive part and swirl around the tip of the head and let my saliva drip over to create more moisture. I continue lightly kissing up and down the shaft and licking up and down like an ice cream cone, yum . Then, after I swirl my tongue around the head a bit more, i slowly take just the tip of the head into my mouth and kinda tilt and move my head back and forth with just the tip inside. I do this for a little while, then suddenly I let half of him slip inside my mouth. This sudden, unexpected movement of just the head being taken in to nearly half of him always gets me a moan from him. then i slowly slide from that point up up and down and gradually work my way all the way down until i'm taking him all in (still slowly) all the while producing more saliva. When I feel him getting closer, thats where my action comes in. He loves it when i start touching myself simultaneously and moaning while I increase my speed on his solid hard dick. I look up and give him a seductive look while I slide my firm hand all the way down his wet cock several times. After a little more sucking and thrusting up and down, and when he's very close to exploding I set in my final move- right when he's about to cum I place my two hands about midway on his penis close together and pull them each apart in opposite directions very quickly and firmly. This gives him the feeling of intense pleasure all around his penis at the same time, and its a great way to finish up. I usually only have time to do this for a second before he blows. The first time I tried this move on him i got the biggest reaction i've ever had from him. I usually decrease my pace a little once when he's cumming in my mouth but i don't stop altogether until he has finished cumming.
Thats my usual routine i use aside from a few more little moves and tricks but i'm very interested to learn more.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:09

The testicles are often neglected My man loves it when I caress them gently as I suck on his penis, as well as kiss, lick and suck them.

Be careful of having long nails though

Another pointer: use one hand to hold the base of the penis, and the other to move in an up and down motion along with your mouth.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:09

i was told from the beginning that i did them very well.
last month he gave me some advice on how to do them better and what exactly I could do to get him going in a matter of seconds, and now he enjoys them even more.

so in short, to make them better, listen to what he has to say.

i'm a deep throat sucker. that doesn't necessarily mean i do deep throat because that is somewhat hard for me, it means that i suck from within so to speak.
and the tighter your lips can go around it, the better. use your hand at the end if you want to help create a better suction and so also, the part that you can't get your mouth on (because well, lets face it, you just can't fit a normal sized dick all the way in your mouth) is getting some attention and warmth as well.

as for practice, well, i never really thought about it before i started giving blowjobs, but i am a fiend for blowpops and tootsie roll pops and popsicles. and i guess after years and years of living off them all the stuff I did with them paid off. lol.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:09


I'm a guy with a particularly stubborn cock and GFs often have to finish me with a BJ after sex as I rarely cum in the pussy. Here's what I find works for me:

I like to be stood and I like the GF to be on her knees when she blows me. It's not about dominance (at least not for me) but quite simply the position in which my cock feels most comfortable and excited being blown. It's a position that also improves the excitement and possibilities of a BJ in plenty of other ways, for example:

1) For the guy the sheer excitement of looking down and watching the gal at work is priceless - the visual counts for plenty - and for both the eye contact both during the BJ and during his orgasm is intensely erotic.

2) I like to know I can hold her head tightly (tugging on her hair if she likes that) and thrust my hips freely as I get excited. A BJ can start so so sensual, but for me to cum it really has to reach the so so physical - and at a maddening pace. Just how much thrusting and tugging goes on depends on the moment and on the lovely lady on her knees, but a hectic rhythm is what lures the best orgasm out of my stubborn cock.

So yes, I need a gal to be very physical - both with her mouth and with her hands. Once I'm excited the subtleties are lost on me - I need to feel a gals mouth working hard and *very* firmly on my cock, but I also need her to be using her hand to be jacking me off into her mouth as she works. This is not about teasing or sensuality at this stage, it's only about getting the cum to burst from my cock. Very physical. Very firm. Lots of eye contact.

Once I start to cum I like the GF to keep jacking my cock into her mouth to milk me. Her rhythm can be slower now (it will have been very fast up to the point that I burst) but some rhythm should be maintained and her lips kept tight to my cock until I'm finished.

As one of the ladies on this thread also mentioned a slow disengagement is the most erotic... After my orgasm I like the GF to so gently suck and lick at my cock and stroke my shaft - but nothing too hard at this point as my cock will be very sensitive after cumming.

I'll admit that the above are very particular to me, and the sheer level of physicality involved is based purely on the fact that my cock will not cum otherwise.



Posted: 05 Oct 03:09

Hey forgot to mention a great deep throat technique, if you really wanna try it and feel very trusting of your partner... Lie on your bed, on your back, with your head hanging over the edge of the bed. This creates a straight line from mouth to throat. Have him guide the tip of his cock into your mouth. Put your hands on his hips and guide him in. you'll have to master breathing and thrusting, cuz when it's in your throat you won't be able to breathe. Do not let him thrust until you can get a rhythm down where you can breathe! He would probably be just as happy with you guiding his hips anyway. lol. Just something to try.

This is also a great position for tittie f***ing. except in that position he'll kind of straddle your head. and slide his cock through your tits. In this position you can lick that sweet little spot under his balls... very cool... while he slides it in and out of your tits!


Posted: 05 Oct 03:09

The topic has been covered pretty thoroughly, I have just two things to add: my current guy goes nuts when I manually work the shaft (totally ignoring the tip) while kissing and licking my way down from his oh-so-sensitive ears. it takes time, and i usually stop en route to play with his nipple ring and maybe put pressure on his pelvic bone (press, HARD, deep into his skin with your tongue. sucking helps too.) This whole deal can go on for half an hour or more. the shaft-work ought to be slow, firm and rhythmic, and the tip gets more and more red as you go. when i finally get to the blowjob part, I start at the base and lick my way slowly up, dragging my tongue up the underside of the shaft. usually there's a lot of moaning at this point because he knows what's coming - I suction my lips just beneath the tip and suck in. Sometimes that's all there is to it. Otherwise, I'll keep my focus there for a while before suddenly sliding back down. from there, the territory is pretty familiar. Something about the variation in stimulation zones drives him absolutely wild.
The other thing I have to say is about attitude - blowjobs are not about steps and planning and military-esque execution. The absolute best advice I can give to anyone giving head is to imagine their favorite food, and then imagine trying to get every last bit of enjoyment out of it. there is something so incredibly stimulating about watching and hearing and feeling the guy you're sucking off as he hits the astronomical levels of pleasure...Be receptive and above all enjoy yourself! Remember what they told you about Christmas? "'tis better to give than to receive." In this case, it's at least all square.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:09

Wow...nothing like a good tight grip (but take off any rings...dear god take off the rings) and work the whole thing slowly, I think he'll appreciate it. If you give him a real visual he'll love it, at least I know that's how I like it.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:09

Hey, I'm a lurker, and have to say, after reading about how to give the best head, I have completed the task with an A+. I really wasn't all that good at it and after reading all these tips I implemented them and apparently did awesome. My husband came in the shortest time -EVER. Plus, prior to him coming was a whole lot of squirming and moaning, I took him to another planet and must say it was fun, for the first time in my life I can say that I was so satisfied at the prospect of "having all the control" in giving him pleasure. The fact remains he initiated this in a 69 and as I went off on him, he left me hanging but I was self satisfied by my delivery nonetheless. I implemented Brandye's advice on licking and sucking every where but the head (till later) and also massaging his perineum, some tongue swirling on the head and then some entire shaft sucking, didn't ignore the balls either, took them right in my mouth. As he came I rubbed in time with him his perineum. I blew his mind! But what was I supposed to say "That's great hun but what about me?" Anyhow, thanks for all the info guys!

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One of the things my GF will do after I’ve cum in her mouth is to look down at me really sensually, spit some of the cum into her hand and then lick it up again, extra bonus eroticism if the cum leads a string from her mouth to her hand!

I almost regain my hard on when she does that.

Great site!


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