OP: Blow-job Techniques 101

Anyone have any special methods or techniques they care to share with the board?


Posted: 05 Oct 02:27


WE are never taught actual techniques when it comes to sex. There is more information available on how to catch a football or swing a bat. The internet is some what helping in that respect. It i can be very hit or miss. There are workshops out there for people to learn. The problem is no woman or man wants to hear they are not good at a particular part of sex. For some reason we all believe that we are born with the ability to have great sex. My husband told me if you want a woman to stop giving you oral criticize her technique. I have found the same to true with men. I think what we need to do, is tell our partners EXACTLY what we like and what we don't like. Visual aids like good quality sex videos are helpful as well. The point is everyone likes different things, so talk tell your S/O what you like. It's your orgasm make it a good one.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:38

Thanks for all the great advice - I always thought I was doing a good job now I can't wait to try some of these out. Roll on bed time - bloody shift work playing havoc with my 'needs'...
One thing I will add though, is when your playing with the 'butt' try a hospital issue rubber glove instead of a condom on the finger - definitely more horny and great feeling for him on the shaft. (obviously check for latex allergy - sorry nurse in me coming out)


Posted: 05 Oct 03:38

go slowly first...tease him for a while, kiss strip him slowly, kiss bite lick him all over....lick up the little creases at the side of his thighs...plant little kisses....look into his eyes and slowly lick the length of his shaft...start out licking and sucking his head, flick ur tongue over that little bit under the head and start sucking him again, slowly first and build up a bit of speed when u start getting a reaction...use ur hands too!!play with his balls when u suck him go down and lick and play with them too...if u have a vibe un it across his balls (lightly) don't wanna hurt him lol....try deep throating...just relax and go very slowly it should slide in...when u get it down a good bit swivel your head...back up and tease a bit more and just keep going....eye contact too very important, enjoy what ur doing!!when he's getting closer slowly massage the bit behind his balls.... emmmm all i can think of but just be spontaneous!!!!


Posted: 05 Oct 03:38

with regards to great technique...i can't emphasize enough the foreplay that should take place BEFORE the actual blow job. if you're not setting the right tone or mood or ambience, you're not maximizing the ultimate blow job potential. my blow jobs take at LEAST 20 minutes, but usually longer, and a great deal of that has nothing to do with the cock! it's all about build up ladies...and letting him know how much you're loving what you're doing. take my word for it...hundreds and hundreds and repeat customers can't be wrong. : )


Posted: 05 Oct 03:38

My lover adores giving head. And who am I to complain?! At my age, I've been with hundreds of women from all over the world, and she is perhaps amongst only a dozen or so that always use a lube while doing so. Her fingers and hands work with her mouth in constantly varying ways, often for an hour, at times pulling back, gazing at the bulging veins along the glistening shaft as if surveying her work of adoration while grasping the base with one hand and running her nails lightly along my cock and over the throbbing head. Her hunger seems to intensify until she slowly and delicately engulfs it with her mouth and resumes her tortuously erotic sucking and stroking until I explode, spurt after spurt in her mouth as her moans of satisfaction intensify my orgasm as they vibrate through my cock, so sweetly interrupted only by each of her swallows...Fed, satiated, her eyes, ever so slowly opening and looking up at me, answer the question of this thread: Does she allow cum in her mouth?...She feasts on it! :)


Posted: 05 Oct 03:38

well i like to start suck the balls and slowly lick up the shaft on going half way up and then back down repeating a couple of times and then slowly go up further with the tip of ur tongue and back down a couple of times then work on the tip and tickle this with the tip of your tongue and swirl the hard cock around in your mouth. Then i like to deep throat it meaning i am able to get the full length of it in my mouth and keep sucking with hardening and softening my lips around his cock and also humming whilst having his cock in my mouth he loves the vibration and then i swallow his cum x


Posted: 05 Oct 03:38

I like to give my boyfriend blowjobs, it makes me excited and happy that I can please him in such a way. He really likes it when I start off by licking and nipping my way down his body and then nibble on his hips while I massage his thighs and sack. I always ask "please" before I flick the tip of his head with my tongue. Then he likes it when I suck on his head first before I pull back, as if I'm done, and then take as much of his penis into my mouth as I can. I never stop rollin my tongue around and sucking on it with different pressures. I am one of the girls that bobs her head up and down his penis while giving him a blow job, because he finds it stimulating and I don't mind it. I never stop massaging his thighs and the pressure point in his hip and his sack while I'm doing this, its more pleasing for him, and on the plus side, he has an amazing body, so I love touching him anyway. If I'm reall into the bj, I'll swallow, but most of the time I don't. He feels as if he's demeaning me that way.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:38

Usually when I give head, I use both my mouth and hands. One hand stroking in sync or playing with the balls, the other I use it to explore his body. Guys are sensitive on the inner thighs, and their chest especially if you tweak their nipples lol. Rubbing the head gently (unless they like it harder) drives them insane. I just go everywhere.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:38

Every guy is different but, my partner enjoys when I use my tongue in particular so I start licking at the base of his penis and slowly work my way up alternating between long slow licks and short fast ones. At the tip I wrap my lips around the glans and swirl my tongue in little circles while sucking on him lightly.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:39

Brandye... I always like your responses cause your an upbeat, open minded and polite person who knows how to work the clock. Your sex partners are very lucky to have you. And still no cheap bras..way to go. Who wants a cheap lady?? The creamy lipstick idea of yours sounds really nice and has gotten the best of my imagination. Cheers to Brandye!!


Posted: 05 Oct 03:39

First post here... Don't forget lots and lots of spit to lube things up and have fun with it. The most important thing is to perform fellatio because you want to, not because your man guilts you into doing it.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:39

before I go down on my boyfriend, I gargle Scope or any kind of mouthwash in my mouth, and spit it out before bed, and when I go down on him, my minty mouth tingles his cock and balls and he cums within minutes, I love doing it to him when he's been a good boy.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:39

Slow, soft and wet is the best for me. not into getting deep throat action, use mouth on top half of penis and use hand on lower half. I always have a more fulfilling orgasm if i withdraw before i cum. I guess my bell end is too sensitive .


Posted: 05 Oct 03:39

I want to share some common tips for blowjob.
Use your hand and fingers at the same time as your mouth, lips and tongue.
Stimulate the perineum and his balls whilst you give him head.
During oral sex rub the head of his penis over your face and lips.
Roll the underside of your tongue around the sensitive part of the glens. Alternate it with the top of your tongue. Try humming! This creates a pleasant vibrating sensation. You don’t even have to be very tuneful, either!
Enjoy yourself! Nothing turns a guy on than knowing that his partner loves giving him oral.


Posted: 05 Oct 03:39

I start by licking his Navel down.. i lick around his thighs till I reach is Scrotum, I kiss and lick his balls till he moans good enough for me then I lick and kiss the shaft. once I have him squirming I insert into my mouth I than softly Lick kiss and suck the head inserting more and more into my mouth I than suck with my lips and massage with my hand when he says he's about to cum I stop dead in my tracks to ready for penetration because I like his Penis as hard as I can get him and We go allll night :) the Husband Loves it


Posted: 05 Oct 03:39

When I do this for my boyfriend, I always use the tip of my tongue and apply pressure on the underside of the head. Where that little ridge is? If you have any clue what I'm talking about...it's hard to explain...but my b/f LOVES it....


Posted: 05 Oct 03:39

what i do for my man, he likes it when i start sucking and licking immediately after i have eaten gum, ice or rinsed with mouth wash. he especially loves the cold. so i try to have a cup full of ice (I love ice anyway) I can usually sit there and eat a full cup till my tongue is numb and then go down on him and he loves it


Posted: 05 Oct 03:39

my man likes it when i lick the glans and poke my tongue in it

raunchy gal

Posted: 05 Oct 03:40