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Downward Doggy

bruh legacy you on every position acting like u not a virgin

Posted: 30 Aug 08:11

Kneeling Lap Dance 180

Love this one too. Wife really gets into it. She intentionally bounces her double d's and lets them bounce off my face

Posted: 20 Aug 11:42

Mounted Groundhog

I love doing this position to my wife. I reach up and grab her boobs and start off by pounding her pussy then I switch back and forth between anal and pussy

Posted: 20 Aug 11:39

Collapsed Cowgirl

My wife and I love this position. I love it because I can caress her boobs and kiss her at the same time she is riding me. She almost always orgasms when we do this position

Posted: 20 Aug 11:33


Good position.

Posted: 20 Dec 15:33

Bumper Tower

This is ridiculous lol

Posted: 11 Nov 06:22


Posted: 07 Nov 03:37



Posted: 07 Nov 03:37

Stand & Blow

This is what I do when he comes home from a rough day at work or arrives home from a business trip. Intercourse is wonderful and everything, but I know he absolutely loves receiving oral and I help him out when I can, especially as a reward for being such a good husband and provider.
Last month for example, he was away in Texas to close a business deal. He let me know when he was arriving home from his trip, and I greeted him at the door with a kiss and a hug. He closed the door and I moved down to my knees as a nice surprise for him. I unzipped him and pulled him out, slowly stroking his girthy cock. I open my mouth and place the head into my soft, warm mouth. Slowly sucking, tasting him. I look up to see his reaction as I start to move my head back and forth. As he grows inside my mouth and throat, I go faster and then even more faster. Bobbing my head, I can taste his pre-cum slowly releasing. By this point, either I'm in full control of pleasing him, or he has both hands on my head, guiding my face into him. A few intense minutes of feeling his cock slide in and out of my mouth and throat, he finally cums hard. Sometimes I push the cock in the back the throat as he sprays, or i hand stroke him and let him release it over my face, cheeks and lips. Whatever he's in the mood for. Sometimes it's easier to swallow it all down so there's less clean up.
Anyway, i give him oral because he loves it and it feels good to know he's happy. I like to think things like this keeps our marriage strong.

Posted: 24 Oct 03:54

Collapsed Cowgirl

I love this because the eye contact and him kissing me as I lean forward while on top. He would hold my waist and thrust quickly into me with a determination to make me orgasm. Hearing his balls slapping against my body and feeling his strength, i completely surrender and my body builds a full-body orgasm as he continue to fuck me from below. I feel so close to him, like we're meant for each other during times like this.
Either he will cum upwards inside me, or when he says he's about to cum, I get off him and stroke him with my hand while the tip of his penis is inside my mouth, sucking. I will drink what he has to offer because I know it means a lot to him, and I want him to feel good.

Posted: 24 Oct 03:44

Supported Standing Doggy

This is my husband and mine go-to sex position. We absolutely love quickies and they happen 1-2 times a day since he works at home.
Like earlier this morning after I got out of the shower, and when I was drying my hair, I saw that twinkle in his eye. There in the bathroom, I placed my hands on the counter and leaned forwards while he placed his hands on my waist and slowly inserted. He held himself inside me for moment to enjoy my warmth, and then he quickly sped up to a nice pace. I can still hear the slapping sounds between our bodies, and I can still imagine the feeling of his hands gripping harder on my hips as he nears orgasm. A minute of grunting from him and my voice moaning and echoing in the bathroom, he releases an orgasm inside me and thrusts harder, releasing all his semen deep inside me. After we catch our breath, clean up is pretty easy since the towels are already nearby. I often don't orgasm from quickies but that's fine with me because I feel satisfied by the thrill from being fucked by the one I love.

Posted: 24 Oct 03:37

Lying Groundhog

This is my go-to position when he's in the mood and I'm happy to provide my warmth without putting much effort. I love sex and everything, but sometimes I don't have the energy to bounce, suck, and all the other stuff.
I'll sometimes surprise my husband by laying on the bed like this with my black lingerie on. As he walks in the bedroom, he approaches me, kisses my shoulder, neck and back. I ask him to remove my black panties, and when he does, he inserts into me from behind and it feels so good to me. I love feeling his weight upon me as he props up himself on his forearms and pushes his lower half into me. His face next to the back of my head, I can hear him breathing and he hears me moaning each time he thrusts deep into me. The feeling is incredible and I'm so tight for him in this position, which is reason why he doesn't last very long this way. Thrust after thrust and feeling the head of his penis continuously rub into my g-spot, i climax and my pussy throbs as he finally releases his cum deep inside me. 10 seconds of incredible orgasm, he'll hold himself inside me as he catches his breath. I love every moment we do this position because it feels so intimate.

Posted: 23 Oct 23:35

Lap Dance

I really enjoy this position.
I remember one evening before I went home from work as a secretary, my boss invited me into his office. He talked about how impressed he was with my performance and I have a bright future in the company. In fact, he was giving me a raise and that made me so happy! We talked more and I ended up seducing him there in his office.
I asked him to sit down. I unzipped him and sucked on his penis for a few minutes before I lifted up my dressed, slide my panties off to the side, and rode him exactly how this position shows. My hands on the sides of the chair, I moved my body up and down upon him, feeling every inch move in and out of me. I was so wet and he was so hard, and after a minute, i moved quicker until I felt him cum inside of me. I lowered myself onto him so he felt all 115 pounds of me on top of him. I let him release the remaining cum inside of my pussy and then we cleaned up.
It was my way of saying "thank you" to him.

Posted: 23 Oct 23:24



Posted: 28 Sep 18:47



Posted: 28 Sep 18:47


Military girl is this for real

Posted: 12 Jun 10:24

Twisted Pile Driver


Posted: 31 Mar 06:29

Squatting Pile Driver 180

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Posted: 31 Mar 06:29