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Wrapped Missionary

My wife was wearing a dress yesterday and when she wears dresses I know there's no underwear. So, last night she was in the kitchen cleaning and I called into the bedroom. When she came in I grabbed her and laid her on the bed I then pulled my dick out and started fucking her in this position. I was holding her arms down as I'm banging her and she's and asking me to go harder. I had juices coming of her..she was squirting everywhere.

Posted: 19 May 06:34


I did this to my girl last week while she was on the toilet having a poop, what with the smell from that it was just amazing. From there we got into the bath for some more

Posted: 02 May 21:26


This is my gf's favourite oral position to perform. She started this to wake me up this morning and after 6-8 minutes she wanted me to roll over into the lying butler position for a while then we moved into a 69 then back into this for a screaming orgasm that seemed to last ages and she was covered in my squirt.

Posted: 02 May 21:22

Planted Bull

Actually we do it with him on his knees....

Posted: 25 Apr 21:16

Planted Bull

Breezing through these the past couple of weeks and over looked this one. I like most close contact positions where we are facing each other. We have done this one several times, although you should be in good shape. I'm a serious swimmer and my bf is in good shape, also a good swimmer. So I can have my shoulders on the bed and raise my hips with ease and give and receive, it's sooo rewarding but a test of your stamina.

Posted: 25 Apr 21:14

North Face

My favorite position! I just love to be fed sweet nectar like this! I'd really like to find a woman that is just as insatiable about feeding me her sweet nectar minimum twice a day as I am about being fed daily! Not easy to find...
Just so much fun being fed multiple times a day and having her breasts in my hands, her pleasure on her face in my eyes, and her sweet nectar in my belly. JUST LOVE IT!
Oh Miss Insatiable North Face Rider.... Where Are You??

Very willing and able! ;)

Posted: 21 Apr 16:03

Planted Amazon 180

My wife really likes Reverse Cowboy or 'Rodeo' positions, so I am dying to introduce this one.

Posted: 21 Apr 04:09

Fuck Face

Love this position as a guy. Love binding my wife's wrists and ankles and then having my way with her. She have never cum in her mouth or on her face, so I pull out at the end and cum over her shoulder and see how much cum I can shoot onto her ass. She loves feeling my cum spraying down onto her submissive body.

Posted: 21 Apr 04:05

Sword Swallower

Can't wait to try this one. Love the fact that I can, hopefully, make her cum while she has my cock in her mouth.

Posted: 21 Apr 03:48

Stand & Blow

For a guy I think this is such a classic 'female submissive' BJ position and its the one I fantasize most often and gives a great view of my cock in her mouth.
The great thing about this position is it can be a submissive position for the girl of course, where the guy plays a more active role by grabbing her hair, rocking his hips and taking control of where he shoots his load. My favorite way of receiving this is actually to be the submissive. This way my wife has all the power, my cock in her mouth and free hands to play with my balls, perineum or ass. I'm the one just standing there and am the true submissive.
I would love my wife to finish me off with her hands like a porn star, shooting into her open mouth or onto her face. She hasn't done it yet but cumming all over her titties is also beautiful to see.

An absolute must for girls in this position is, look up at your man and make lots of eye contact, be super enthusiastic and make plenty of moaning sounds. A finger or two in his ass when he cums will send him into orgasmic stratosphere.

Posted: 21 Apr 03:43

Cradled Clam

This looks like fun and comfortable for her, can''t wait to try it and 'report back'.

Posted: 21 Apr 03:20

Crabby Clam

This looks hot but not sure how long my wife will be able to stay in this position. We generally like to bring her to orgasm at least once before changing positions so not sure if this will work for us, but would love to try.

Posted: 21 Apr 03:17

Lying Butler

Absolutely love eating my wife from behind, but seems better when we prop some pillows under her waist and hips so she can arch her back a bit and lift her ass for better access. This allows me to eat her pussy as long as I like and once we are both fully satisfied, I can pay some attention to her glorious ass. Finish off in a Groundhog position and cum all over her back and ass.
This is a really great position when she is feeling a bit lazy or submissive allowing me to 'use' her body for my own pleasure (and of course her too!). Only negative is the limited eye contact so it can seem to be a bit less intimate, but there is a place and time for everything.

Posted: 21 Apr 03:14

Bent Butler

This is very hot, can't wait to try it with my wife.

Posted: 21 Apr 03:02

Bent 69

Man, would love to try this butt (no pun intended) reckon it needs a fair amount of flexibility on her part. Probably won't work for us, what a shame it looks very erotic.

Posted: 21 Apr 02:56


This is a classic but still one of my favourites. Gives me full access to my wife's pussy and ass, and with her being on top means she feels more in control and can regulate the depth of my member down her throat. Love to use my hands to spread her ass cheeks open, gives me an awesome view of her beautiful pussy and butt.

Posted: 21 Apr 02:54

Facedown Doggy

For me possibly the hottest position in the world with a great view of her ass. Luckily my wife loves doggy so this is a big favourite. Love to pull out at the end and cum all over her ass.

Posted: 21 Apr 02:41

North Pole

Great position to finish on your lady's face if she's up for it. Due to the angle, just be careful not to shoot up her nose, so aim first few strong contractions at her cheeks.

Posted: 21 Apr 02:31