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If he penetrates just a couple inches, the head of his penis hits my G-spot perfectly. I can then rock my hips for wonderful stimulation and my clitoris is very accessible for manual or toy stimulation. Then move to the "Folded Missionary" as an orgasm peaks for another "rock your world" one!

Posted: 11 Dec 17:42


These positions are awesome on a bedroom bench. The height is right for both of us and with just a pillow behind my head/neck, we can still make eye contact.

Posted: 11 Dec 17:37

Cradled Clam

That looks so comfortable.... I could see myself lying there all day

Posted: 17 Nov 15:03

Southern Exposure

Assume the Position!

Posted: 17 Nov 04:36

Open Missionary

My hubby will get in more of an upright kneeling position and penetrate just a few inches. I can rock my hips for amazing G-spot stimulation and use a vibratory his fingers on my clit. When my orgasm is peaking, he thrusts really deep. This seems to intensify and lengthen my orgasm. Awesome variation!

Posted: 14 Nov 15:44

Bent 69

I practice yoga which helps a lot for this position.

Posted: 14 Nov 12:24

Bent Butler

I practice yoga at least three days a week so this position is very comfortable for me. My hubby loves it because he adds a pillow and he's comfortable too. I like the head rush that I get when I cum!

Posted: 14 Nov 11:56

Folded Servant

We've done this on the kitchen counter with my hubby seated. He's very comfortable as am I so we can take our time and go as long as we both want. A pillow or two can make it even more comfortable!

Posted: 14 Nov 10:06

North Face

Probably my favorite way to be eaten out... just love grinding on his mouth!

Posted: 13 Nov 08:50

Crab 180

This was VERY uncomfortable for my hubby when I learned this far back. I think I would like it but he definitely needs to be less than full hard for this to work!

Posted: 13 Nov 03:48

Pile Driver

Whenever I've seen this one in porn, it always looks so rough... you guys almost made it look intimate!

Posted: 12 Nov 20:16

Folded Missionary

I love it when my partner grinds me at full depth in this one!

Posted: 12 Nov 06:18

Bipolar Spoon

Just not in the manner pictured. Girl might have to bend forward just a tad to make access easier (if you're still aiming for vaginal penetration). Otherwise, enjoy the buttsex!

Posted: 10 Nov 23:36

Pie in the Sky

Fortunately, our head board has a great place to rest my feet so that I can hold this position for as long as we both want.

Posted: 10 Nov 23:22

Grounded Feedbag

A Liberator Wedge under my hips makes this very comfortable for both us us. Much easier on his neck so he can feast for a long, long time!

Posted: 10 Nov 22:59

Bumper Battle

Has anyone done this?!?!?

Posted: 10 Nov 22:04

Bipolar Spoon

My sweetie and I have done this a couple times, it's a pretty natural transition from a couple other positions, but we didn't get a whole lot out of it except for having a silly time together which we both like.

Posted: 29 Oct 05:18

Pile Driver 180

it's a lot easier if the girl and/or guy are using some sort of support rather than each other!

Posted: 29 Oct 05:17