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South Face

It's also one of the best for face farts, you feel like you have no escape but just to lay there and smell them. Mmmmhh nice

Posted: 03 Dec 00:57

Open Usual

OMG, My girl woke me up this morning like this (we are both lesbians) she was going for about 20 mins then moved to the north face (sitting forward on my face) and I ate her until she squirted all over my face. Best wake up i've had

Posted: 03 Dec 00:55

Northern Guillotine

I've used this baby on 5 different women in the past 3 months.They were all putty in my hands. DO USE THIS BABY!!!

Posted: 18 Nov 14:46

Wrapped Eagle

Tight in a girls thighs. Sounds awesome

Posted: 15 Nov 17:34

Facedown Doggy

Love this position either with both of us on the bed or floor or with me on the bed and my partner standing or even me bent over a chair. My partner is larger than average and this position can give very deep penetration so we've learned that it's best if the thrusting comes from my rocking while my partner is still. If he's doing all the movement, his enthusiasm as he gets close can be a bit uncomfortable for me. If I do the thrusting, I can control the depth and avoid what could otherwise be unsatisfying!

Posted: 06 Nov 02:03


We did this the other day! I leaned back a bit and held a vibrator on my clit while I just rock my hips back and forth. I guess my husband's cock was hitting my deep spot just perfectly because after a long buildup, I started to cum and had the longest orgasm I've ever experience -- more than a minute. Just amazing!!!

Posted: 29 Oct 20:29

Planted Bull

We do this one with my husband kneeling and when the penetration isn't too deep, he hits my G-spot exquisitely! I can use my feet as leverage to rock my hips so the motion, speed and depth is exactly perfect. Also our hands are free for other stimulation or to hold a toy too.

Posted: 29 Oct 20:23

Her Oral Waterfall

There is a special sensation when I orgasm in this position. I guess all the blood rushing to my head makes the experience all the more intense!

Posted: 29 Oct 20:15

Sit & Blow

Awesome to kick the ottoman out of the way while he's watching football, kneel down and get started. Really gets his attention and his team always scores!

Posted: 28 Oct 16:19

Mixed Dancer

This baby is KILLA'! I used it for the 1st time this past Friday night. I'll certainly be using it a whole lot more in the future. It's a position that once her G-Spot's found, HOLD ON!!!

Posted: 28 Oct 12:22

North Face

Another very interesting variation i experimented with my gf is:

- the girl squats over my face with my head right between her feet.
- i prop against the bed with my forearms.
- she leans slightly back against my legs kept together to support her and to make her rest.
- her hands grabbing my chest or placed against the bed for support.

This way i can give her my head very comfortably and she can easily dominate me pushing and grindining her pussy against my face...can't wait to do it again <3

Posted: 20 Oct 15:11

Southern Hospitality

Very nice for face farts. She wraps her legs around my neck so i cant move then blow's them right at me. Ohh I need this again now

Posted: 13 Aug 02:01

Sitting Bodyguard

My gf an I have both done this with strap-on's and we love it.

Posted: 13 Aug 01:57

Driver's Road Head

I am not sure what to do exactly but I will figure it out and if I don't I'll finger her out instead.

Posted: 09 Jul 06:58

Tucked Missionary 180

Definitely on the try it list.

Posted: 20 Jun 13:22

Southern Exposure

Love these !! Haven't found one I haven't tried yet...I'm always trying to keep sex Fun and interesting

Posted: 09 Jun 04:56

Southern Hospitality

Looks really nice

Posted: 28 May 11:18

Open Missionary

My wife and I did this one and we love it. I had her screaming within seconds of me starting my thrusting. She always says it feel good and I should fuck like this more often.

Posted: 19 May 06:38