OP: How do you feel about Anal Sex?

I always thought it was gross and said I would never do it.. a few weeks ago I let my guy do it and now I like it and it's part of our 'musts' when we have sex. I just wondered how other members feel about it?


Posted: 05 Oct 01:18


OK, regulars have seen this before and I am certain that some of the old posts are around. I am speaking medically and recognize that many will both try and enjoy anal sex. Please, please always use a condom.

Anal sex will always result in some damage and the best you can hope for in the long run is hemorrhoids. The anus is a one way valve. It is designed to allow stuff to pass out; it is not designed to admit anything. OK, I like anal play, especially while cunnilingus is being done for me. But finger tips are small and do not go deep. A penis stretches the skin and the muscles beyond what they are designed for. The vaginal walls are about forty cells deep; that is what gives the vagina such elasticity. The walls of the rectum are one cell thick and when stretched much, the cells separate. This is an open wound. The stuff passing through the anus outward bound is full of bacteria. Infection is often a result. Hemorrhoids are begun and too much stretching can result in "bowel control" problems in later life. It is simply too loose to seal.

Now for the man's urethra. Urethritis and prostatitis are a result of bacteria traveling up the urethra. More often than not, this is a result of entero-bacteria (they belong in the large intestine). They can get there by migrating in the shorts. Perhaps a wet fart or something gets them there. In anal sex, these bacteria are being crammed into the urethra and even a monster ejaculation will not get them all out.

Ok, if you like, your choice. Please use a condom for both of your sakes. (note I did not even mentions STDs; that could go on forever)


Posted: 05 Oct 01:18

First off, I need to correct Brandye! You do NOT ALWAYS get hemorrhoids from anal sex!

Anal sex, if done correctly, can be a wonderful addition to your sexual arsenal!

As was stated before, you should always use a condom for ANY sex, not just anal sex. And also, be careful to not perform anal and vaginal sex at the same time. This could cause an infection in her.

Now, for beginners, the most important things to keep in mind are the following:

1) Lube: Get it, use it - don't be stingy with lube during anal play, it helps!
2) Hygiene: You should use a douche before doing any real intense anal play. Not only will it allow for a more pleasurable experience, the introduction of feces during sex can be very uncomfortable and unhealthy.
3) Start Slow: From fingers to smaller and gradually increasing sized dildos/vibrators - slowly stretching the sphincter muscle is the KEY to enjoying anal sex.
4) Go slow: The anus is not the vagina, and so it's ability to stretch and relax is tied directly to how much pre-penile insertion time you take.
5) Positions: Once you feel you've relaxed enough to take a penis in your anus, a good way to start is to have the person who'll be taking the penis to be on TOP and lower themselves on the erect penis. This allows THEM to control the pace and depth. You will find, that as he/she lowers herself down, the sphincter will almost actually "release" and allow for full penetration. Again, for beginners, let the person being "F-ed" set the pace!

Closing note: Guys, if you're not letting your gal work your butt, you're missing a lot! Only men have a prostate gland, and until you've felt a prostate being stimulated (by hand, toy or penis) you've not lived! IT"S GREAT!


Posted: 05 Oct 01:18

Yes, Rawbob, you do get hemorrhoids from anal sex. No the next day but ask any 60 yo who has been having anal sex. They have either been trimmed or are about to be trimmed. The physiology is such that they are unavoidable.

I am not arguing against anything else you say.


Posted: 05 Oct 01:18

Well, I just had anal sex with my g/f for the first time. I really don't know what to think, i mean it was ok, but nothing too great, and i don't know if it is worth all the trouble, since vaginal sex seems to be better a this point.

My g/f said that it was ok for a new experience but I think that she didn't enjoy too much (yeh, we use tons of lube), also i was so worried about hurting her that i could hardly enjoy it. Maybe next time (if... there is a next time) we will do it better


Posted: 05 Oct 01:18

Alrighty, thank you Brandye - that was all I needed. Anal sex will never happen for this girl. Everything I feared, about the anus being a one-way road and the damages that could occur were just confirmed.

He'll just have to dream about it I guess. PS: I'll definitely have to cut and paste that info to pass his way.


Posted: 05 Oct 01:18

My boyfriend and I have anal sex on occasion. I had done it maybe 3 times in the past but with him it really turns me on. I think it hurts a little bit but after that I really like it. For regular sex (even though Im on the patch), we use the pull out method just for safety sake but not for anal sex and its amazing for my guy (but you obviously wouldn't want to do this if there was a risk of STD's) so its like a special treat for him to be able to finish his business with out pulling out... One time I was a little tipsy(ahh lowered inhibitions) we had anal sex while he used my dildo vaginally and it was amaaaazing. :) It's worth trying but you have to work up to it and be comfortable.

A funny side note...sometimes I am more sensitive than others and we were having anal sex doggy style... well he was about to cum and got supper excited well he thrusted harder than usual and i jumped and he slipped out and sprayed me all over my back and into my hair lol it was all very funny


Posted: 05 Oct 01:19

To be honest with you all on here...I do enjoy anal, as a matter of fact,I like it sometimes better than vagina sex.
The reason being, it seems to stimulate me more with more orgasms.
Anyone that has never tried it, ought to at least try it one time (that is if you and your man are into it).
Believe me,I have been doing it for 3 years, and every time it hurts like hell at first.. But once he is in...I am yelling and enjoying it so much!


Posted: 05 Oct 01:19

well to be honest with u i really like anal sex. it started out as him fingering my bum while we had sex. then we talked about it, got the lube and went for it..

it took 6 attempts to get it in right. the position hurt to much... we tried:
1) Missionary with bum elevated (wrong idea!!!)
2) doggy (too deep!!!) and the one i love:
3) laid on tummy, bum slightly raised. i can lift myself as to how deep i want him!

i enjoy it, and he takes it slow, and does wot i want, like if i want him to stop ill just say stop and he does... its a once every now and then thing for us.. too much can cause problems, and also we use it to spice things up a bit,, to much can get boring!


Posted: 05 Oct 01:19

As a male, I must say that I enjoy it only if she does. For me, I could take it or leave it.

I mean, it's enjoyable when done right... but if I were to never have it again... I wouldn't lose sleep.

Having said that about the ACT of anal sex... the IDEA of it is what makes it a turn-on. The taboo aspect of it... the 'dirtiness' of it... the fact that she enjoys it and how it makes us feel like we're getting away with doing something we shouldn't... it all adds to the 'physical' act of penetration to make it a more enjoyable experience overall.

When we are having intercourse and I toyingly rub my (now well-lubricated) tip against her anus... it drives her crazy... but makes me want to 'cum' right then & there just with the THOUGHT of it... not the 'action' of doing it.

(Does that make sense...?)

To sum-up... the physical act on it's own is not the stimulant for me... it's her enjoyment and all the above-mentioned factors that put me over the edge and make it very sexy.


Posted: 05 Oct 01:19

I love anal. My husband and I enjoy often:)
You're not alone hun!!!


Posted: 05 Oct 01:19

I have to say that the thought of anal sex is a turn on, but the one time that my husband and I tried it, it was so painful that we didn't try for long. I see on here that most people say the same thing and that they have to try it more than once, but I am not sure if I want to endure that pain again. I also find it hard to believe that it would ever feel good, considering that women do not have a prostate...

Someone asked about strap-ons, and that is something I would like to try.


Posted: 05 Oct 01:19

I'm am not saying, as a man, that women 'should' or 'ought to' enjoy anal sex; liking or not liking it is a completely individual matter and should never be something one does under pressure. That obvious thing being said, I would just like to suggest one fact of nature. Anal sex may not occur AS frequently as vaginal intercourse, but it DOES occur, not only between males but also between males and females, and has likely always been a part of the natural world. Whether it takes the form of bovine, equine or paciderme (these are just a few examples of some large mammals) frustration at not having the opposite sex around, or simply sexual confusion or, yes indeed, EXPERIMENTATION, I would defy those who suggest it is an "immoral" or "unnatural" act as explaining away these obviously natural examples of anal sex. Anyone who has spent any time in and around a natural environment where observation can occur will readily concede its occurrence.

It may very well be that we have evolved to allow for the contingency of anal sex, in spite of what the philistines suggest and lament.

As far as the risk of bacterial infection, those who engage in enjoying the distinctly unique pleasures found in anal sex must always be diligent to maintain a high degree of hygiene and precaution.

Only a fool would reject something because of misinformation or a lack of adequate experience. Life is too short to snub your noses at something you may just find yourself thoroughly enjoying and relishing.
Stay open-minded!

Tears of the actual rectum are typically the result of UNDER-LUBRICATION or some type of violent rape or assault, NOT considerate lovemaking!?!, while hemorrhoids are a result, not of anal sex, but of uncleanliness--something that the sick, overweight or old obviously have great difficulty in preventing! If you are having a great deal of anal sex make sure you are exercising the muscles around the sphincters (practice "flexing"), as this will strengthen and tighten the anus. Also, while infections of the urethra can, rarely, be a problem for men nature has, once again, provided a more than adequate solution: URINE. Men should urinate after they have had anal sex if they are unable to shower properly. It is a good idea to urinate anyway as the ammonia in the urine will help kill off the bacteria (if any) impacted within the urethra. I recommend that, during foreplay, men simply prepare the female's anus by gentle caresses and lots of lubricant. As far as orally stimulating the anus, once again vigilance in hygiene is the KEY (soap and water are a perfect foreplay intro). There is nothing to fear about it, anal sex, except ignorance. . .oh, and the repressed fascists who use it as a morality weapon.

Asscream Man

Posted: 05 Oct 01:19

Don't knock it till you try it...4 or 5 times.

Anal sex in itself is NOT harmful. The only risks are infections and STD's, and common sense will help you past these. It will not cause incontinence, and it will not make your anus bigger. However, if you have any doubt about your partner's STD status, you should not be having ANY sexual contact, including anal sex, with or without a condom. Both participants should wash genital and anal areas before and after anal sex, and the penis (or finger, dildo, shampoo bottle, or whatever) should never be inserted into the vagina after anal penetration until it has been thoroughly washed.

But the first time it's going to hurt. A lot. Go slow and use plenty of lube. It will hurt the first few times. My wife did not enjoy anal until the third or fourth time we did it (honestly, I don't know why she wanted to keep trying it.) But she started to enjoy it and now she loves it. We don't do it often, but when we do it's great for both of us.

Everything in moderation.


Posted: 05 Oct 01:19

I had just the opposite experience. I used to enjoy small amounts of anal stimulation--just a finger at a time--but when I tried actual anal sex, I found it so unpleasent that I stopped enjoying anal stimulation all together.


Posted: 05 Oct 01:20

I agree with girlygirl. I used to like little anal pleasure just like her, I'm up for anything and I tried anal sex and it turned me off so much to any kind of anal pleasure that I don't like it anymore.


Posted: 05 Oct 01:20

My wife and I tried anal sex before we tried vaginal (weren't married... we were 'behaving'!). It was okay for both of us, but I came much too quickly. We haven't done it since, but still enjoy anal stimulation with fingers, etc. She quite likes to finger me occasionally... and I'm happy to allow her!


Posted: 05 Oct 01:20

I'm brand new to this site, but absolutely had to respond to this topic. I used to HATE anal sex because I don't think I had experienced anything more painful in my life! I had no idea how to make it not hurt. I would be in doggie position waiting for penetration and trying not to tighten up, but doing it anyway and then getting the pain I always did and curling into the fetal position on the bed. Not very sexy!

All the tips I have heard on here are great! You definitely want to have the power to move back on the penis. You want lots of lube. But here is a tip I have been telling friends and have been getting tons of "thank you's" for!
1. Get a nice little vibe.
2. Get all lubed and ready in doggie position, if you like
3. Put that handy little vibe on your clitoris and just let that wonderful warmth start to head towards your pleasure zones.
4. Let him know when you're really relaxed and ready, he can be playing with fingers, gently touching, licking, etc in the meantime.
5. By the time you are really hot from the vibe, your anus is very relaxed. He can slowly start to guide his penis into your anus.
6. Move back and forth on him if you're not comfortable with him taking control yet.
7. Have a wonderful orgasm. he he.

I can usually cum in about 1 minute doing this and looove it! I'm like a guy and can't even begin to hold an orgasm back. It comes up on me sooo fast!


Posted: 05 Oct 01:20

Okay I have always been somewhat fascinated and curious about anal sex. But, there again the pain really scared me. Well, last night while i was searching for my inner slut! My hubby decided it was time, without telling me, and it hurt at first! But as curious as I was and turned on, I got out the lube and we took it really really slow. I had my first experience with anal sex, and after the initial pain, LOVED IT. It's so different to describe but, having developed hemorrhoids with the birth of my daughter 4 years ago was sore a little while afterwords.
Does anyone have any suggestions for me, I would love to try it again, esp since hubby now knows that you have to take it really really slow.
I know that it must have been a fantasy of his for awhile he's just never said anything but, through checking out the web pages he's looked at there have been several anal sex pics so I figured one day down the road lol.
And yes he knows that I look at the sites he looks at when he's not home, turns us both on lol.


Posted: 05 Oct 01:20