OP: How do you feel about Anal Sex?

I always thought it was gross and said I would never do it.. a few weeks ago I let my guy do it and now I like it and it's part of our 'musts' when we have sex. I just wondered how other members feel about it?


Posted: 05 Oct 01:18


I love anal. I love to have him in me nice and deep it is an awesome feeling. We do it every time we get together.:p


Posted: 05 Oct 02:20

My boyfriend and i have tried anal, it hurt at first but it was ok. then we bought a "butt plug" the small/medium one. It took a handful of times before he could get it all the way in me, but when he did it felt amazing. we had sex while the plug was in my anus, and i had the best orgasm i have ever experienced. now we have anal many times, with and without the plug!


Posted: 05 Oct 02:20

I limit myself to anal once a month. To me it is quite painful if done recklessly. Normally I succumb to my BF's needs by having a hot bath, getting him to finger me or using a sex instrument to prepare my opening and lastly lubricating my asshole with olive or baby oil. I don't do doggy on this one as unknowingly he may think that a ass is like a pussy, and I do realize the extra enjoyment he gets from a tight hole, but i will lay sideways get him to penetrate downwards from my back into my asshole and keep fucking me gently. I can't say there is no pleasure in it as I do have an orgasm especially if he is playing with my clit. One word of caution: Condom Please...(The first time we tried it without a condom he shot his load inside and oh! I had to rush to the bathroom to get myself cleaned. It's ok if he withdraws if no condom is available, but STD is still a problem.


Posted: 05 Oct 02:20

The more I think the more I agree, with myself of course, this chick's back door is exit only.


Posted: 05 Oct 02:20

You know probably one of the most interesting things to discuss about anal sex is the male obsession with it, and the huge effort underway in parts of the media to make it appear normal - Just another sexual act. I think porn has a lot to do with this, you only have to do a quick scan of the internet to see how porn attempts to push the boundaries of what's acceptable. A lot of porn emphasizes how anal sex demeans women, as well as the element of control it gives the man.

So now you have a situation where anal sex is seen as perfectly normal, it appeals to men and some feel they're losing out and feel cheated when their gf doesn't drop her knickers and bend over on demand. Not only are women made to feel obligated to have it they're also expected to love it.

I've discussed this subject on other forums, and the threads become full of guys with their really erotic stories about how their girlfriends begged them to do it to them and how they just had to oblige and how brilliant it was for everybody involved. I think you should take all those with a grain of salt.

I've had anal sex three times and to be honest while uncomfortable and not something I enjoyed it wasn't an unpleasant experience and at the time I was happy to do it.

So if a woman wants to do it, she should go ahead, just out of curiosity it might be something to try once, but just don't buy into a lot of the male orientated nonsense out there.


Posted: 05 Oct 02:20

I have had girlfriends in the past that have let me try it, and they seemed to love it. In the beginning it's more an issue of trust and believing that your partner is not out to hurt you. I don't doubt that it hurts, but from what I hear from the virgins of the world (never have been with one) is that vaginal sex hurt the first time to. It's something to get used to, and if you want to try it go for it. But, you have to look at all aspects of it and your own sexual nature.

P.S. can't seem to get my wife to do it, at all


Posted: 05 Oct 02:20

i tried this with my gf for the first time last week, and it turned out that she liked it we have been experimenting with it to see if it is something we wanna make into "must"


Posted: 05 Oct 02:20

My hubby and I separated and we have since reconciled. This is something he has BEGGED me to do over the years. I let him try before and OMG it was just toooo painful, so we never did it again. Our sex life SUCKED before we separated we were lucky if we even did anything once a month. And its MY fault, I never wanted it. NOW I realize that was wrong, BUT this was not ANY reason of why we separated I have just re-evaluated my marriage and REALIZED what I did and how unfair it must have been to him...but anyway, I PROMISED to be more open minded about sex and TRY new things, I actually am very interested in trying new things.

He brought up Anal and I said ok! I can't believe how EASY it went in and how painless it really was, sure it burned for a min but once I got used to it I was fine. I am shocked at how pleasuring it is! I never would have thought it would do that!!! It is actually a BIG part of our sex life, not only do I really enjoy it but my hubby enjoy's doing this to me because its amazing for ME.

So yeah I REALLY like it.

I am new here, I don't know how to edit the original post. But I also wanted to add that for ME I find sitting on him facing out and breathing as I slide down I get VERY little pain, hardly any and when it does hurt I just exhale and tada its in!! But I have to take it really slow for the first couple mins and then its awesome. I also REALLY like sitting on and facing him! It was weird how the last 7 yrs it HURT every time we tried and I had to make him stop but now its the best. Sadly I actually get more pleasure from Anal then I do vaginally, very strange! I can't climax from regular sex but I do A LOT with Anal, I am glad I let him "try". My friend told me years ago how she loved it, so I had to call her and tell her she was right, lol. It is a lot of fun and exciting too.

I do have a question, they SAY that your butt doesn't lube itself but we start off with a little lube and like I said I have to control it at first, but I swear my butt stays lubed, we have NEVER had to stop and re-lube. I am just shocked that I even did this because I was always the close-minded EEWWW type of chick but after going through all the stuff we did and ENDING back up together, I am now looking into NEW things to try and bring it up to him. He is shocked too and LOVING it, our sex life is the best its been in 7 yrs.


Posted: 05 Oct 02:21

My bf and I tried anal for wanted to try with him. Others in the past had no desire really. Well he is the most patient man ever, and with that it was the best experience and crave it more. But some men are in to much of a hurry and can really hurt a gal and any changes of ever going there again. I would say patience is the key here. But guys patience is the key to everything that reaps the benefits in bed with your woman. I love the patience my man shows me in bed, it makes me want to try new things with him, and it benefits us both. Some women need to let go of the taboo things heard growing up, and explore what you like for your body....


Posted: 05 Oct 02:21

I was the exact same way. I never thought I would enjoy something like that I even broke up with one of my first serious boyfriends because he was going crazy cause I wouldn't do it. Then when I got with the guy Im with now (now my husband) I tried it shortly after we started having sex and loved it, we don't do it all the time but we do it every now and then.


Posted: 05 Oct 02:21

I really don't know if i like it. i feel like i have to crap when we do it.


Posted: 05 Oct 02:21

My boyfriend and I both like anal. It was the first kind of sex we had. I enjoy it way more than I ever thought I would. He loves it. I like anal stimulation in general which was a surprise for me. More surprising was when my boyfriend asked me to stimulate his anus. I think he liked it just as much as me. :)


Posted: 05 Oct 02:21

I love anal sex but I always even to this day need to take my time getting into it in every session. That means I'd have to take him about a half inch in at a time, breathe slowly, and then catch my breath. I've always been very sexually open with my boyfriends in the past and the first time I tried it I was very receptive to the idea of new experiences and was on top and lowered myself down into him with lots and lots of lubrication.


Posted: 05 Oct 02:21

i love anal sex. absolutely one of the hottest things ever.


Posted: 05 Oct 02:21

Nope! Anal sex is definitely out. Pain and subsequent anal incontinence is not something I need to get esp when there are much better ways of having fun!


Posted: 05 Oct 02:22

my first anal experience was mostly painful. the guy was pretty rough on me and didn't give me time to get comfortable. i tried again later with a much better guy. he went slow and helped me get comfortable doing it. i like anal sex a lot now.


Posted: 05 Oct 02:22

In reply to Vixen, I have had anal sex(Given And Received once in my experimental days!), but unfortunately have never had the proper chance to enjoy this with my wife! I really do find myself fantasizing about it a lot as i know how enjoyable it can be and i actually think if its done right can be massively pleasurable for both parties, but she isn't very keen on the idea. I would never do anything that she wouldn't wish to do, but really do think its because its such a - Taboo

Dr Venkman

Posted: 05 Oct 02:22

the first time i tried anal was with a toy, and i found it so amazing. I used a small one first and got myself relaxed and then used my big one. :p
the feeling was so good especially with my clit tickler.
then i told my partner and we did it a few nights later i think it really gets him horny knowing what he's doing to me. ;) Ive gotta say the first time i did it with my partner it hurt but we took it slow and it then felt really really good. but yeah i highly recommend using a condom because the aftermath isn't fun lol


Posted: 05 Oct 02:22